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…KISS frontman Paul Stanley says the band’s (second) farewell tour could include former members performing onstage.

In an interview in Atlantic City where he was promoting his artwork, Stanley told The Associated Press the band’s End of the Road world tour starting next year could include appearances by former members. He did not single out anyone by name, but living ex-members are guitarists Ace Frehley, Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick, and drummer Peter Criss.

Since the tour was announced last month, KISS fans have been clamoring for a farewell that includes former members.

“I wouldn’t discount any possibilities,” said Stanley, who plays the Starchild character in the band. “I learned long ago to never say never. Would I negate the possibility of former members making appearances? Absolutely not. I don’t know in what capacity.”

That lineup is already rehearsing the farewell show, even as its elements remain undecided. Stanley said the set list will be expanded from the recent 16 songs to 25, adding the band has “thrown away every piece of hardware that we used on any of the previous tours and created a completely new show.”

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  • J J on

    Not sure I would pay to see a show with past and present members. The KISS saga has become carnival like at this point. The legacy is about ruined. Paul always says in concert, without you all we would not be here, etc….blah…blah….blah. If that is the case then give the fans what they want or bow out with the very lil dignity the band has left. It is just egos, money, politics, etc…….. All a load of garbage at this point. The way they act towards each other publicly and things said in books has made me loose respect for most of the original band. Bruce Kulick is a talented musician, has class and is the one who got the shaft once the original band reunited. Bruce does not publicly flip on his former band mates just because he was cut loose for the reunion. No dignity towards each other or the fans. The KISS machine is just business at the end of the day.

  • genesraccoonwig on

    My take is ALL living members should be part of the End of Road Tour – at least selected shows
    And there should be video tributes to Carr/St John / Sean Delaney /Bogart as part of the show.
    Heck – play the Tom Synder interview for an “intermission”

    It will be interesting to see how they resolve the makeup issue on stage.

  • Jodie Ryan on

    At this point what does it matter?

    Paul sounds like hot garbage. Who would want to sit through that painful experience and his ego won’t allow him to take a backseat on the tour.

    I doubt Peter would do it and he cannot perform for an entire tour so it would just be a guest appearance maybe to sing Beth, Black Diamond, & Rock and Roll All Night.

    Bringing Ace back might help a little but no way in hell would I go if he is the opening band or if Tommy wears the makeup instead of Ace.

    I would love to see Bruce again. The 80’s Kiss put out some fantastic music mostly by Paul even if he can’t sing the songs anymore. Just imagine him singing the beginning of Heavens On Fire. I just can’t stop laughing at that thought.

    With so few details out regarding the tour I guarantee they are in shock at the offers they are getting. No tour dates yet sounds really fishy. Makes sense Paul has changed his stance regarding former members.

    Its a shame Paul said all along they wanted to get out before they stayed too long at the party. The party’s been over for over a decade.

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Well said.

      Paul’s voice is garbage….now add 9 more songs – hopefully they will go to the other members.
      Agreed on Peter to have him come out and sing a few songs – best voice in the band IMHO
      Bringing back Ace would help a lot but as you point out the logistics are difficult.
      Bruce should be there – hopefully play some of the 80-90s hits and the Revenge songs (best non-makeup release).

      Kiss will not sell out stadiums – without the Originals involvement and Gene and Paul know that

  • DR Is Live on

    If Vinnie is there in his Ankh makeup beside Ace in his make up doing songs from Creatures, I will be there.

  • robert davenport on

    not all but a lot of people on this site bash paul me included , but you have to remember he has been one of the greats for most of his career – in his prime arguably in the top 5 frontmen in rock-
    he knows whats going on with his voice/age etc… i’m sure it’s killing him having to say goodbye to doing what he loves doing the most – he’s also human and he’s going to screw up and make mistakes – so i’m going to cut him a little slack – that being said what bugs me the most is he makes public comments that are complete nonsense, himself and gene seem to only care about fans buying into what they are selling right now , he must think kiss fans are idiots ,he is very condescending and he doesn’t publicly own up to his mistakes , IMO they overcharge their fans for everything sad… and he harshly criticizes past members which is just dumb… he is mid 60’s and he seems to be operating with no insight at all – I hope kiss can summon up some magic on this last tour, and I hope paul can be gracious to ace and pete , bruce possibly vinnie and give kiss fans something to really remember-

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Spot on!

      Wish Paul could be more honest about his voice and other things related to Kiss instead of the continual hype. He would gather more fans and respect if he did so.

      It would be nice if he could also be, as you say, gracious to the other members.
      Sure Ace and Peter are a bunch of knuckleheads – but his bank account would have less zeroes at the end without them.

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