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…KISS frontman Paul Stanley says the band’s (second) farewell tour could include former members performing onstage.

In an interview in Atlantic City where he was promoting his artwork, Stanley told The Associated Press the band’s End of the Road world tour starting next year could include appearances by former members. He did not single out anyone by name, but living ex-members are guitarists Ace Frehley, Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick, and drummer Peter Criss.

Since the tour was announced last month, KISS fans have been clamoring for a farewell that includes former members.

“I wouldn’t discount any possibilities,” said Stanley, who plays the Starchild character in the band. “I learned long ago to never say never. Would I negate the possibility of former members making appearances? Absolutely not. I don’t know in what capacity.”

That lineup is already rehearsing the farewell show, even as its elements remain undecided. Stanley said the set list will be expanded from the recent 16 songs to 25, adding the band has “thrown away every piece of hardware that we used on any of the previous tours and created a completely new show.”

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  • el loco on

    I think over the past few weeks it cannot go unnoticed that new posts on the official Kiss website have clearly and at least indirectly focused on the four original members/their faces, incl videos from the past that show them, and, more openly, merchandise for the upcoming tour that shows them etc … do you think it’s just coincidence? Or planfully coinciding with Stanley’s remark on “not ruling anything out” in the latest interview?! At least, no photo of Tommy or Eric in weeks.

  • Jodie Ryan on

    I think it is what they have always done. Classic KISS sells. For the last 15 years the majority of the merchandise has been Gene, Paul, Ace Peter. Maybe 10-20% show Tommy and Eric’s image in the classic makeup.

    Based on what Ace said today about only appearing if he wears the “Spaceman” makeup is likely the cause of the unannounced tour dates. Gene/Paul are not getting the offers they want because they just can’t sell out larger stadiums/arenas in America with the current lineup without a co-headliner. They need Ace/Peter/Bruce’s participation to draw the guarantees they want from promoters. And let’s face it. Paul and Gene’s ego will not allow them to go out with a whimper. They are pushing this as the biggest tour they have ever done. How exactly will they do that in secondary markets and county fairs?

    It’s been over a month since the tour announcement and we know very little other than an expanded set list. Just great 9 more songs of Paul croaking through the set. They should give every fan free earplugs to put in when a Paul song comes on.

    I’m curious to see how this all plays out.

  • el loco on

    Now that the announcement is out there is no way of stepping back if they do not want to finally tarnish their legacy, so either behind the scenes there are great debates going on about who will play and what money for what member and what venues etc., or several recent remarks of Paul and Ace are just indirect hints at the second reunion, like “I will only play if in full gear” meaning “I will play and it will be full gear” – we will see. But, actually, I would not be surprised if it was the same current lineup again just with a bigger stage set. Interesting also that Gene has not said anything about it in any way since the official announcement.

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