blackielawless400 W.A.S.P. have released a lyric video for the song, Scream, from the band’s forthcoming Golgotha album, due out October 2nd. Watch the clip below.

Scream was the track we felt really opened the album with the kick we were looking for,” says singer Blackie Lawless. “The animation on the video is outstanding and truly takes you on a trip. ‘You’re gonna cry if you want me, You’re gonna lie if you love me!’ It’s enough to make you wanna scream!”

The band unveiled the details of the Golgotha album in July. Guitarist Doug Blair admitted recording the sessions had been been a “very fractured” process, and drummer Mike Dupke left after the album was finished. He was replaced by former sticksman Patrick Johansson. To read more about the album, and to view a track listing, please click here.


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  • Geno Rife on

    My verdict is still out! I do hear a hint of Christian music through the lyrics! It’s not overt but its there.

  • J J on

    Why compare past music material with present material….? Everything has changed in the industry. The 80’s are history. If the band tours they’ll play 90% 80’s material anyway. New music from old bands is just a tool to keep cash coming in somehow for many 80’s bands. Everyone knows the names of the 80’s bands and releasing new material gets the social networks attention, boom, then business is back up and running for many washed up bands. The new song is just media bait to get people talking about the band, guess it worked, otherwise many of these bands would fade away at a much quicker rate.

  • Nic on

    Blackie continues to put out rather predictable, mediocre music and seems to still get a lot of press. Chris Holmes in recent times has put out highly underrated music that seems to barely get a mention and goes under the radar. Hopefully we hear more on Chris in the future. Would also like to hear a podcast on him or see him on TMS in the future if schedules allowed.

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