geofftate's operationmindcrimeband2015-640 Operation: Mindcrime – the band fronted by former Queensryche man Geoff Tate – have released a lyric video for their song The Stranger from their forthcoming album, The Key. Watch it below.

To watch a video for the song, Re-Inventing The Future, go here.

To read more about The Key, and to view a track listing, please click here.

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  1. 7 guys in a band and this crap is what you come up with? It’s time to go away Geoff and on your way out, stop at your barber and tell him you want your money back !

    1. All things QUEENSRYCHE need to pack it in. If they retired when DeGarmo left then their legacy would be one of excellence. I actually like some of the 2000s era material but this garbage is hurting Geoff s legacy. It is like Geoff should have gone home at midnight and now it’s 5:30 am and he’s sending out really bad text messages and hes gonna have to apologize to everybody tommorow afternoon. Stop the madness.

    2. I’m of the mindset that all these guys probably can’t retire unless they want to work in a warehouse or something, not unlike alot of our former heroes of the 80’s/90’s. So we’re left with this crap that tarnishes the history of a once great legendary band. I swear if someone would’ve told me back in 1989 that this is what would be left of this band, I would’ve never believed it. Even if these guys re-united and somehow got Degarmo out of the cockpit it wouldn’t matter anymore. Its over.

    3. I actually checked out on Queensryche years ago. They just went off into a direction that was neither interesting or cool to me. Sometimes, bands run dry. They’ve had a few moments here and there that were slightly okay, but overall the music they’ve done has not appealed to me at all. Geoff was that bands driving force and the direction he took them in just took them away from what they were best at. I don’t fault anyone who liked that era of Queensryche or who may like this stuff Geoff is doing now. I probably like a lot of bands that other people think suck. I just know that I don’t like this direction Geoff is going in.

      And you are 100% correct about the DeGarmo era. That’s Queensryche’s golden (or platinum) era for sure.

    4. I’m curious Mr. K, as you seem a very rational and intelligent person, what bands do you like that you think others would say suck?

    5. I don’t think any bands I like suck. I guess I was trying to not put down anyone that likes what Geoff is doing. Since you asked so nicely, I do like some stuff that may be considered outside the normal boundaries of the music and bands that’s normally discussed on this website, like Fireball Ministry, King Crimson, Baroness, Uriah Heep, Gypsyhawk,The Sword, Frank Zappa, Prong, Orange Goblin, Airbourne (I can’t see anyone disliking Airbourne!) to name a few. I’m sure there’s plenty of people that don’t like some or all of those bands I listed and that’s okay. It doesn’t hurt my feelings.

      It’s not all about Judas Priest and Black Sabbath for me all the time… just most of the time.

    6. I’m not gonna lie, I never understood Zappa. Airborne is sincerely cool. More newer bands should follow their footprint and just come out rockin. King Crimson is a true underrated classic. I always remember Uriah Heap opening for Leppard on the Pyromania tour. That organ was sincerely cool. I loved WASP’s version of Easy Livin.

  2. I agree, I don’t get the hate at all. I don’t think any of these people actually listen to Queensryche besides the 90’s hits they played on the radio.

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