geofftate'soperationmindcrime2-640 Operation: Mindcrime – the band fronted by former Queensryche man Geoff Tate – have launched a video for their track Re-Inventing The Future. Watch it below.

The Key is scheduled for release on September 18th through Frontiers Music Srl. To read more about this release and to view a track listing, please click here.


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  • andrew28 on

    I like the song, but I wish he would lose that stupid “Zippy the Clown hair cut. Shave it all; or grow it out.

  • andrew28 on

    The chorus (at around the 1:10 mark), sounds like a speeded up version of “The Mission” at the 2:00 mark.

  • George Anderson on

    I liked it
    I didn’t pick sides, I just plan on enjoying them both

    • Harry Taint on

      Good for you George. I bet you are a fun guy to hang out with.

  • Coredrum on

    This is a decent song…enough to peak my interest of the entire album. Makes me think even more that the crap Tate put out while he and Queensryche were fighting over the name, etc. was a joke, not to be really considered a true effort, because this sounds enough like 20 years ago Queensryche to be nostalgic, while still sounding current. Glad Tate seems to be interested in putting out good music and not veering too far from what he is known for

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