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  • Dylan Shelton on

    They look happy to see you Ed !

  • Lee on

    I’d like 2 C Eddie with the Cool Ghoul Zacherley at Chillah or Dennis from Alice Cooper. Old school rock from 50 years ago. He had The Doors on his TV show in ’67.

  • Jon on

    I keep seeing pictures of Eddie rocking that “Listen To Metal” shirt. I guess we’ve got a real Newsted fan here, right?!

    • Eddie on

      I like the message!

  • T-Bone on

    On the 6th picture down, the female security guard is clearly checking out Eddie’s backside.

  • Alisson Martins on

    Eddie trunk acompanho o that metal show, curto seu trabalho pra caralho e foi um prazer recebe lo no brazil.

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