Thatmetalshowlogo VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming That Metal Show returns this week for its seventh episode of Season 13 on Saturday, March 1st at 11:00PM ET/PT. The acclaimed hard rock and heavy metal talk show is hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine. This week’s episode takes a unique turn grabbing two of the biggest names in classic rock: Mick Jones, chief songwriter and founder of one of the most successful rock bands ever, Foreigner, and Leslie West of the formidable hard rock band, Mountain. Mick Jones gives an update on all things Foreigner and recounts how surreal it was when the band became one of the biggest bands in the world upon their very first album release. Leslie West, the first TMS Woodstock alum, shares his east coast wit and charm and generously gives Eddie Trunk a kick ass gift. We also see Mick and Leslie “Put It On The Table” with some surprising answers.

Guitar legend Lita Ford stops by to perform as the guest musician making her the first female performer to take over the job in the show’s 13 seasons. Lita Ford also holds the distinction of being the first-ever guest on “That Metal Show” and discusses having both crowns to her name. In addition to these show firsts, Lita wows the crowd with her riffing ability and shows why she is still a favorite to this day.

Episode 7 of the latest season features a Metal Modem segment connecting the hosts with Marty Friedman, former guitar ace of Megadeth. Marty checks in from his home in Japan and gives an update on his latest projects including dropping hints that he will embark on his first tour of the US in some time. The always fan favorite Stump The Trunk segment knocks the recently victorious Eddie Trunk back down a few spots, even though Eddie’s own attorney wasn’t able to stump him.

Since the January 18th premiere of Season 13, “That Metal Show” continues to bring their audience the biggest names in hard rock and heavy metal. A number of guests are confirmed for the upcoming episodes including Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe, The Winery Dogs, and Vinnie Paul, formerly of Pantera. Also confirmed to appear this season will be original Kiss members Ace Frehley & Peter Criss, and guitar genius Joe Satriani. Dee Snider has also been added to the list of guests coming up this season.

Known for having the best musicians in music perform each week on That Metal Show, Season 13 continues the trend with the likes of these TMS alums: Charred Walls of the Damned drummer Richard Christy, Trans-Siberian Orchestra guitarist Chris Caffery, Cinderella front man Tom Keifer, and the guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. Each of these artists will make the new season the most musically diverse and rockin’ of shows in “That Metal Show” history.

This season marks some monumental changes for the show as it returns to New York City for Season 13. Previously, the show was taped over several days of one week out at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. The new season is shot at Metropolis Studios on Tuesday nights for broadcast that Saturday. Season 13 also consists of 12 new episodes making it the longest season in the show’s history. Fans can also catch the complete season 12 and brand new exclusive bonus clips at ThatMetalShow.VH1.com and in the new VH1 app. New episodes of season 13 launch on the web and in the app every Sunday morning following the show’s on-air premiere.

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  • Lee on

    I hope the question about being three on a bill with zero members (Mick was AWOL for a lot of gigs) onstage for Foreigner was asked….that was sad stuff.

    • John G on

      The day is coming and you know it as well as I. We’ve seen it in jazz with the Duke Ellington Band and a bunch of other groups touring around with no original members. I’m sure it’s also the case with a lot of the older Motown bands too. Funny with “Foreigner” – everyone except Mick is a foreigner to the original line-up.

      I remember Foreigner being one of the first bands to over tour. After Foreigner 4 came out, they were on top and played the Rochester War Memorial (with Billy Squire opening.) Then they did a “Superfest” at Rich Stadium with bands like Loverboy and Bryan Adams (yeah, I know – contain yourself.) And then on the same tour they played the Syracuse Carrier Dome with seats about 30,000 plus. All those shows were advertised in the Rochester area and they were all between late 1981 and summer of 1982.

      But Foreigner was pretty hard rock at the time they came out in 1977 with their debut and in ’78 with Double Vision. That was pretty close to as rockin’ as you could get at the time, unless you were a big Sabbath fan or something.

    • DR on


  • Todd on

    I think a lot of metal fans started out with classic rock, so I like this. I remember as a young aspiring guitarist helping bring in Leslie’s guitars from his Cadillac to a music store appearance he did back in the late 80’s in NJ. He was a great guy, with a great sense of humor after all those years in the Biz.
    I would also like to see Frank Marino on the show.

  • mark on

    being a music fanatic like yourself sad to see mick jones doing any promotion for foreigner. that band is lou anything else for a fairwell tourgramm, dennis elliot, al greenwood, ed gagliardi, ian macdonald, anything else is very sad for a farewell tour? r.i. p kelly holland of cry of love vocalist remember him eddie???????

  • mark on

    eddie, i know that you mentioned me on your show as a what you called a” hater, ” for giving you constructive criticism about your show but, what about my public opology i wrote to you on this site ? why could”nt you accept my open and honest feeling and broadcast that? i have the same passion for the music and the history as you and i would have thought you could at least be appreciative enough to answer me. i know that you are extremely busy but, i”m a fan and i think if i took the time to write this again you might understand that all your fans are entitled to their opinions and criticisms.( it will make your shows that much better) thank you

    • Eddie on

      I mentioned you on my show? Honestly I get thousands of email and comments and tweets a week and do not know you or your issues. But all comments are posted here as long as they are not racist, name calling or baseless hate

    • DR on

      Eddie never accepts my many apologies either. I call his house regularly in the middle of the night and ask him questions like, why can’t you speak Japanese and interview Loudness? Or who is that really hot girl on the left of that photo that’s posted? Can you score me tix to the next gig that White Lion performs, and why isn’t White Lion together anymore? and speaking of bands not together anymore, why can’t you get Richie Blackmore to do rock anymore? Why did you create KISS and why did you do all this stuff to them? Why can’t you get Iron Maiden into the RRHOF….stuff like that. So clearly I need to apologize alot, and I don’t blame him that he never accepts. But he does mention me on the show alot, and that’s all I need.

  • brian on

    Surprised know one is complaining that Lesie and Mick are not metal. I’m happy to see Lesie and Mick I grew up on there music great talents. Sucks that Lesie lost his leg but I’m sure he can still play that guitar like a champ. I do agree that Mick should get the originals guys together for a t least a farewell tour I’m sure the money is there for them to do it. But Lou and Mick don’t get along anymore and it’s up to them to only to make up.

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