The New York Post reports:

Think twice before taking on the vintage band T-shirt trend — at least, if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider.

The rocker took to Twitter earlier this week to vent about nonmetal fans wearing vintage metal band T-shirts.

For Snider, it’s “sickening” and disrespectful to wear band merch unless you’re a true fan of the group.

His tweets stated:

“Gotta say, this new trend of non-metal fans wearing vintage metal T’s if pretty sickening. Metal is not ironic! Dicks.”

“It’s not just the wearing of our metal T’s, it’s their cherry picking of our style #skulls #metalhorns These are OUR symbols; OUR image.”

“And does it? At least @ladygaga talks about being a fan of metal i n interviews – is seen at concerts. Does Kim & Kanyea?”

Evidently, Snider doesn’t appreciate how awesome vintage band tees look on fashion heavy hitters, including the likes of Kendall Jenner, Alessandra Ambrosio and Hailey Baldwin.

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  1. As I have previously commented on this topic, I am with Dee on this one, sorry. James.

    To me, it is completely eye rolling that this has become a fashion trend. I am sure 95% of the celebrities/models wearing these shirts, could not even name one song from the bands.

    As I said before, seeing Kourtney Kardashian, wearing a Judas Priest shirt, made me nauseous. Thank God, it was not a Screaming For Vengeance logo, that would have made it even worse.

    1. I agree, Dana. It’s a lifestyle, not a fashion trend. Personally, i think celebrities wearing rock/metal shirts as fashion look silly. I’m sure James Hetfield is okay with it cuz its promotes his band when celebrities wear his band’s shirts. Celebrities are photographed, those photos appear on the internet and print media, fans of the celebrities see the band shirt, and Metallica potentially has new fans in the fold to feed the Metallica money trough. To Metallica, the benefits of celebrities in their shirts is so exponential!

      Today, in the spirit of Halloween, i wore a KI$$ shirt that has the iconic makeup of each character carved into four pumpkins. Walked around Disneyland all day today proudly wearing that shirt, while others wore their mouse ear hats and Mickey shirts. :o)

  2. I find it unlikely, highly even, that Dee would have a problem with any of them if they were wearing TS shirts left and right. Then you go to the much bigger problem: hearing classic metal songs used for selling carpet cleaner, third rate hotels, and snack bars….hearing “The Hellion” used for a minivan commercial was pretty lame if you ask me. “Rock You Like a Hurricane” is the purpose of metal; to get you off your lazy butt and into the world, not for cruising in the damn supermarket aisle on a pallet of “nutritious” snack bars. I really like Tom Petty where he said he turned down every offer that came his way for using his songs in ads. He said he didn’t write his songs to be heard that way. God Bless him for that.

    I really don’t have a problem with these “celebrities” flying the metal flag. I’ve always said metal is the ultimate form of musical expression, that everyone, deep down, is a metal person if they would just be honest with themselves. Metal musicians are the most talented; who put their personalities on the line the most, and if these people need to give themselves some cred by adopting some of what metal has to offer I think it’s great.

    Also, after that great win Thursday night and the way Marshawn Lynch came flying off the sidelines to defend his quarterback I am right back into it again. “The growth and greatness of the Raiders….”

  3. A high end shirt co who said their shirts never had to be ironed or dry cleaned using “Into the Drier”? that verse -with the man about town wearing his fresh out of the drier dress shirt….I sent an email over to Dokken (no, I did not).

    1. Yo, clown, I told ya, Astros vs. Dodgers in the WS! I’m rooting for Houston because they’ve never won a World Series before, but I think the Dodgers will win it. L.A. in 6!

    2. That’s right, you called it! It will be a great series. Dodger blue all the way.

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