Tremonti - Portraits Tremonti is back with their sophomore release Cauterize that is slated for release on June 9th via Fret 12 Records. The album features Mark Tremonti on vocals/guitars, Eric Friedman on guitars, Wolfgang Van Halen on bass and Garrett Whitlock on drums. The album showcases that Tremonti is back to pick up where they left off with their successful 2012 debut, All I Was. Cauterize was produced long-time friend and collaborator, Michael “Elvis” Baskette.

“We are extremely excited for the fans to hear this album,” states front man Mark Tremonti. “We feel it is our best work to date.”

From the first riffs of album opener Radical Change to the final notes of the epic closer Providence, it is apparent that Mark Tremonti is at a whole new level with his songwriting. His hard rock/heavy metal influences shine throughout the album on songs like Flying Monkeys, Arm Yourself and Sympathy. The debut single from Cauterize is the up-tempo track Another Heart. The song was recently released on iTunes where it shot to the Top 5 of the iTunes Rock Singles Chart and is available here.

A lyric video was also recently released and can be heard below.

The track listing for Cauterize is:

1. Radical Change
2. Flying Monkeys
3. Cauterize
4. Arm Yourself
5. Dark Trip
6. Another Heart
7. Fall Again
8. Tie The Noose
9. Sympathy
10. Providence

Tremonti will be hitting the road in support of the new album. The band will be touring around the globe without bassist Wolfgang Van Halen due to the recently announced Van Halen tour.

“I am still part of Tremonti and very excited for the release of Cauterize, but unfortunately am unable to participate in the upcoming tour dates, both in the States and overseas due to my prior commitment with Van Halen for the upcoming summer tour in support of the Tokyo Dome Live In Concert album,” states bassist Wolfgang Van Halen. “Look forward to seeing all of the Tremonti fans on the road as soon as my schedule permits!”

The upcoming tour kicks off in the United States in April before heading over to Europe in June. The band will be making stops at some of the largest festivals in the world including Welcome To Rockville, Rock On The Range and Download Festival. Tremonti will be opening some dates for Seether while simultaneously headlining shows in the United States.

Tremonti Cauterize tour dates:

Apr 25th Orlando, FL Earth Day Birthday Festival
Apr 26th Jacksonville, FL Welcome To Rockville
Apr 28th Richmond, VA The National
Apr 29th Flint, MI The Machine Shop
Apr 30th Cincinnati, OH Bogarts

May 3rd Concord, NC Carolina Rebellion
May 5th Niagara Falls, NY Rapids Theater
May 6th Huntington, NY The Paramount
May 7th Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall
May 9th Bangor, ME Rise Above Fest
May 11th New York, NY Highline Ballroom
May 12th Cleveland, OH House of Blues
May 13th Indianapolis, IN Egyptian Room
May 15th Chicago, IL Thallia Hall
May 16th Columbus, OH Rock On The Range
May 17th Pontiac, IL Freaksters Roadhouse
May 19th Nashville, TN Nashville War Memorial Auditorium
May 21st Birmingham, AL Iron Coty
May 22nd Mobile, AL Soul Kitchen
May 23rd Destin, FL Club L.A.

For more information, please visit and

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  1. I liked Mark’s first solo album. He’s a badass guitarist, that’s for sure. It’s still hard to believe sometimes that’s the guitarist from Creed. I hated Creed and still do. The music was dull, typical radio rock of that time. Bands like Creed were a big reason I stopped listening to terrestrial modern rock radio years and years ago and just listened to satellite and Music Choice metal and classic rock stations.

    1. I don’t really get this at all. Creed was o.k., had a few good songs. To be honest, I don’t really enjoy Tremonti’s solo albums, or Alter Bridge. I think people love to hate Creed because they were wildly popular at the time, not because of the actual music. I find his guitar playing to be technically interesting, but about as uninteresting as his mentor Michael angelo.

      His singer sounds a lot like Myles Kennedy, whom I’m really not fond of as a singer. Creed gets railed against because of Scott Stapp, which is unfortunate.

      I’ve had satellite radio for the last couple of years and just cancelled it, because besides the talk or comedy channels, the rock channels are pretty lame. With podcasts and streaming radio, I don’t see the point of satellite radio anymore.

    2. The singer in Tremonti is Mark Tremonti, who sounds nothing like Myles. I love Tremonti solo stuff and last 2 AB albums also

  2. So is Wolfgang considered a member of Tremonti plus Van Halen? Wasn’t it Eddie Van Halen that said (referring Michael Anthony) you can’t be in two bands at the same time?

    1. I get that (saw it in the article). Just wondering if he’s still considered a member of Tremonti even though he’s not touring with them? His dad, EVH accused Michael Anthony of being in 2 bands ( VH & Sammy’s band) at the same time and kicked him out of VH.

    2. I think the issue EVH had with Michael Anthony wasn’t just that he was in two bands, it was that he was in SAMMY’s band.

  3. I wish Wolfie would just say to his dad “Dad, I love you and I love Van Halen, but these guys are my buds and we have made some great modern hard rock together that we love and believe in, so I’m going to stay with them.” I understand he has a commitment and loyalty to his family. I understand and respect that completely. But he’s a young and talented musician who I think needs to establish himself away from being under the Van Halen umbrella. I would have loved to had seen him stay and tour with Tremonti.

  4. I’ve been meaning to pick up the first Tremonti CD, sounds like I’ll add this one too. I never liked Creed and didn’t give Alter Bridge a try until they had been together for a few years. I can’t stress enough that Alter Bridge is NOT “Creed II”. Yes, there are a few songs that sound a little bit Creed-like, but on the whole they are so much better. So much heavier, Myles occasionally gets just a little bit too over the top for me, but overall he’s a great singer. Tremonti is a monster guitar player, I find his playing to be a combination of aggression and melody that the elite players possess. I’ve only heard a few of the Tremonti solo tracks, but they sound just that little bit heavier than AB and of course Mark’s voice is different. The guy’s not a bad singer either. It’s a shame AB isn’t bigger in the States (apparently they’re a lot bigger in Europe?), I hope they continue for a long time.

  5. Eddie, you asked a great question to Mark on the latest TMS. That is, (paraphrasing a bit), “are you worried that so much of your work is tied to Myles Kennedy who is connected with another (perhaps) bigger band?” He’s also now lost Wolfgang to VH. I think Mark’s in a tough spot. Personally, I’m one of those listeners who likes Creed, Alter Bridge and Slash with Myles. Your praise of his band Tremonti is motivating me to learn more about them. BTW, I really enjoyed the interview; he seems like a down to earth guy.

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