Guitarist Tony Iommi says there’s a Black Sabbath documentary planned.

The band, whom played 81 live dates on their The End tour across North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, ended their 49-year career with a sold out show at Birmingham’s Genting Arena in February.

NBC News reports that Iommi is in “the process of mixing the sound from the final Sabbath shows in Birmingham for a possible live album.”

The guitarist adds, “We’ll actually be doing a documentary. My job at the moment is to have a listen to what we’ve done.”

Iommi also speaks about the choral composition he worked on titled How Good It Is, which he wrote for the Birmingham Cathedral.

He says, “It really wasn’t anything to do with religion. I don’t follow any religious path… religiously. It just seemed like a nice thing to do. It was really nice to work with a choir and to do something for our city. I enjoy the challenge of doing something most people wouldn’t expect from me.”

Sabbath bassist Geezer Bulter recently revealed that the band were planning to record a blues album as a follow-up to 2013’s 13 – but their extensive final touring plans “got in the way.”

He said, “It would take something like two or three years to do it properly, and we thought we might not all be here by that time, so it would be better to do the final tour first and then maybe we’ll do a blues record later.”

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