Brendan Crabb of Loud spoke with bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes. Portions of the interview appear below.

Q: ….today marks the release of the new Deep Purple album. Have you heard it at all?

A: I have not. I have not heard any new Deep Purple albums in 25 years (laughs).

Q: Is that a conscious thing, or you just don’t have the time?

A: Only because it doesn’t come on to my radar. I may bump into it on the internet, but it’s something that I don’t… I have no mind about what they’re doing, I just don’t know what they’re doing, I’m not on their radar. It sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it, when you’re in this family… The only genuine relationship I have with anybody in Deep Purple is my brother David Coverdale. We’re very close, to this very day.

Q: Is that largely rooted in joining Purple about the same time? Or you’re just two like-minded individuals?

A: I came in about two months before David in ’73. He came in after me, and we bonded immediately. We bonded throughout the first tour, we bonded when Ritchie (Blackmore) left. And we’re still very close.

Q: That said, it must have been a real honour to have your contributions to their nearly 50-year legacy acknowledged as part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction?

A: Oh, it was great, it was a really lovely moment for David and I to be… We don’t get to choose who selects, the board, the committee selected to choose David and I over the other guys that weren’t nominated. I think what we did in Purple after (Ian) Gillan and (Roger) Glover left, David and I, I think it spurred a lot of interest in the music industry in America. So I guess they gave David and I the honours to be on-stage and accept the awards, which we were honoured to do so. We were there, and had a lot of fun.

Q: What’s the latest on the next Black Country Communion album?

A: It is coming out the middle of September. I’m meeting with Joe and Kevin (Shirley) tomorrow, we’re going to listen to the new mixes. It’s all done, it’s ready to go.

Q: I was talking to Joe last year, and he indicated some disappointment that the public perceived there was bad blood between the pair of you following the split. He was adamant that wasn’t the case.

A: Joe and I have never fallen out. Let’s just say that when the band broke up, Joe was very, very busy. He couldn’t really do anything outside of the Bonamassa (band), which we knew going into Black Country. So when it became clear that Joe couldn’t clear his schedule, we felt it would be appropriate to break it down for a while, and just go on with other things. And of course a year ago when I got inducted into the Hall of Fame, Joe called me to congratulate me, and we talked for a while, had dinner and we discussed making a new Black Country album, which we’ve now done. And we’ve never been more friendlier; we’ve never been close as this, and long may that continue.

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  1. i’m surprised there is not more said on this site regarding Joe Bonnamassa – he is obviously a huge fan of purple and zeppelin and he is as good a guitar player as there is – I know he is not a metal player , but he can easily play as fast as any of those players but with the articulation of a Michael Schenker with amazing feel ,melody and soul, with black country he has done some unbelievable guitar work, especially on the purple tribute album, and he has also become quite a good vocalist as well I see Joe whenever he comes to my area – cant wait for the bcc album , and to see Joe live in the fall!

  2. I LOVE Black Country Communion! All of their music is just so well done! I am so excited about the new album! These guys are just incredible musicians, and they play heavy blues-based rock that just takes me back to the days when music was played by talented musicians that could write with melody and soul. Joe Bonamassa is one of the most talented guitar players in the world, and can shred as well as any of the metal players out there. But he can also play with feeling, and his solos are always just spot on. Glen Hughes and the rest of the band are just as talented, and when they get together, it is just incredible.

  3. This is a very good trio, with two good vocalists, amazing guitar work and a solid rhythm section. As a fan of 70’s style rock, I will likely buy this.

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