band Greg Prato of Brave Words spoke with Cinderella frontman To Keifer. Portions of the interview appear below.

BraveWords: Let’s start by talking about the new album, The Way Life Goes.

Tom Keifer: “It came about over quite a few years. I first started thinking about recording a solo record in the mid ’90s, when Cinderella had parted ways with our record company, Mercury. I think we all know that the music scene was changing at that time, and we didn’t really have an outlet for our music. So I started writing for a solo record at that point, and I was working with people in Nashville. I eventually moved to Nashville, and found that to be a very inspiring town. But for one reason or another, the idea of actually getting into the studio and recording the record kept getting put on the back burner. And back burner, back burner, back burner – until about 2003, is when I started actually recording the tracks for the record. I decided to produce the record independently of a label, because it was on the heels of a record deal that had gone bad with Cinderella. That deal actually got pretty ugly and we ended up in courts, and we were on “re-record restrictions” as a band, so we couldn’t record together as a band. That’s when I started recording my record. As I said, it was independent of a label, because I didn’t want to fucking deal with a label after all that shit – either did anyone else in the band. Everyone else was kind of doing independent projects too at that point. We really were not in the mood for lawyers or labels or contracts or any of that shit. So that’s when the actual production of the record began. And most of the writing had taken place prior to that. So I had tons of songs I had written between ’95 and when I started recording. So I picked a bunch of songs I thought made a balanced record, and started recording. It was a double-edged sword or a catch-22 not having a label involved, because the good news is you don’t have someone telling you when it’s finished…and the bad news is you don’t have someone telling you when it’s finished. [Laughs] So that’s whey it took nearly ten years to produce the record. But in a way, that’s OK, because the way I look at it was no release date, no deadlines, no budget restrictions – it doesn’t really matter when the record comes out. My attitude was, ‘Unless it’s really great and I really love the record and I’m proud of it, I don’t want to release it anyway.’ So we kept pushing it around and working on it over the years off and on – taking breaks from it. Until it got to the point where I really thought it was what I was hearing in my head and something I wanted to release.”

BraveWords: What are some of your favorite songs on the album?

Tom Keifer: “I really like the single that we have out now, Solid Ground. It’s just a good, straight-ahead hard driving tune, and lyrically, I like the message of it – to me, that song is about that old saying, about life not being a destination but more of a journey. And that’s what the song’s about to me – what I’ve learned over the years is life is something that keeps changing and keeps throwing curveballs at you. It’s more something that you never sit back and say, ‘Hey, I’ve arrived now.’ Life is something that you need to keep up with, or it’s going to eat you alive. That’s kind of cool about life, is that it keeps you on your toes. I also like ‘A Different Light’. It has probably the most different feel or vibe to it than anything on the record for me, and that’s the one that probably stretches the furthest in terms of the production and the sound. Just the style of the song is not as much coming from the blues.”

BraveWords: I remember once reading an interview with you, where you said that Aerosmith’s Toys in the Attic and Rocks were your two favorite albums. What was it about those albums that are so special to you?

Tom Keifer: “Oh man, those records were so great…I don’t even know where to start. The production of them was just so raw and the songwriting was very unique. The guitar riffs, if you think of a song like Walk This Way, how unique that drum pattern and the guitar riffs and vocals and everything about it – when you listen to Toys in the Attic or Rocks today, they sound as hip and new today as they did then. It’s just very inventive rock albums to me.”

BraveWords: I notice that there’s never been a Behind The Music episode on Cinderella. Has the band ever been contacted to do one?

Tom Keifer: “I guess we would. I don’t remember if we were contacted or not. I’m not one that’s quick to jump at those kinds of shows, because a lot of it is just a bunch of dirty laundry, and we’ve never been a band that’s been really known for airing that. We always just wanted to let the music be the forefront, and whatever we do behind the scenes is our business.”

BraveWords: Lastly, will there ever be a fifth studio album from Cinderella?

Tom Keifer: “Well, we’ll see. The record deal that I described to you that had gone south on us, that tends to leave you a little bit gun shy, because it’s twice now that we’ve been burnt – Mercury dropped us in the mid ’90s after making I don’t know how much fucking money for them, just to get booted out the door. And then the deal that came after that, that went south and ended up in the courts. It’s not for a lack of desire on our part. We’re just waiting for the right situation with a label that’s serious about wanting to produce a quality record, and giving it a real shot. So we would certainly love to, and it would just have to be the right place at the right time.”

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  • Jimi on

    I really dug Cinderella, still do enjoy their albums. But come on, Tom. Stop hiding behind all that “it wasn’t us..” bs. I’m pretty sure there’s a couple of companies out there who’d gladly offer you a deal. You ain’t getting deals now as you got in the 80’s pal.
    I’d be jumping with joy, if there was a new Cinderella album in the works, but I just don’t believe it’ll ever happen – sadly.

  • Matt on

    Please tour in 2013.
    Great band.
    Great musicians.
    Great to their fans too.
    Truly a show that shouldn’t be missed.

  • rick hankins on

    I saw Keifer on ‘that metal show’ tonight. I never noticed before, maybe because he always wore tons of makeup, but his facial features lead me to believe he is Native American. Internet searches all came up saying he is white caucasian, but I strongly disagree!

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