ac:dcwithbon640 Hi all. I very rarely post in this section, but the mood struck me.

The other day I was quite bored and looking for something valid and interesting to fill that void. I ran across my AC/DC Plug Me In DVD box set, which I had not watched in quite some time. One of the many performances featured on first DVD is a live show from the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland dated April 1978. I was amazed by how great the band sounded, and how the songs, in my opinion, did not sound dated.

I thought I would share this vintage gem of Dog Eat Dog from that very show. The lyrics, like many that Bon wrote, are ingenious, quite comical and contain little contradictions such as, “That’s a lie, [hey] that’s the truth.”

So, I hope this video brings you all some warm memories, smiles to your faces and gets your blood pumping.

Enjoy and cheers.

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  • Joe in The Cuse on

    AC/DC….this band is one of the very very few that can still sell out (or almost) major arena’s. I find it quite humbling that there are active bands that STILL MATTER and are considered important. Aerosmith, Judas Priest. Iron Maiden and AC/DC still have that fire and hunger. Still unsure the status of Phil Rudd if he is or isn’t in the band but AC/DC’s spirit, fire & passion is still “Alive”….unlike a certain other band that hasn’t had those key ingredients for years now! Prayers for Malcom.

  • RockFiend_#1 on

    April 30, 1978.
    I believe they recorded the If You Want Blood You’ve Got It album at this show. It’s funny to think that the Bee Gee’s and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack were the biggest thing in music at this time. AC/DC has stayed true to their sound – and stayed successful – through many musical fads and genres and I think that’s the reason these songs don’t sound dated.
    And the fact that they’re just great songs.

  • T. on

    I always loved the song “Girls got rhythm” by them. It just encapsulated the power and simplicity of the band, who were not just a one dimensional act. I always thought Bon’s sense of humor added a lot as well. I also thought Back in Black was a devastatingly awesome record, that definitely got my attention as a young teen.

  • Doug on

    Man, how does Angus play so well moving around like he does? Amazing!! Great video.

    • Dana on

      Yes, I have always wondered that myself, Doug.

      He’s a freak of nature, I get exhausted just watching him. Maybe, he has an oxygen tank offstage? 😉

      D 🙂

  • Allan Chapman on

    AMAZING video. Thanks so much, Dana, for reminding us how raw and what a force they were with Bon. Agreed with most of the comments here – Angus’ playing and performance are off the hook. It completely astounds me how tight they were especially due to the constant movement. Also, I think Cliff and Malcolm’s placement were indeed necessary by default in that situation. You’d be foolish to get in Angus’ way – he totally dominates the stage. By the way, I saw a relatively-unknown-in-the-States AC/DC in ’79 opening for Ted Nugent at Madison Square Garden. Blew Nuge off the stage, who was one of hard rock’s biggest draws at the time. Having been a fan at that time for about a year, they won me over even more that night. And I agree, Dana, Highway To Hell gets a slight nod over the rest for me, with Let There Be Rock as a close second.

    • Dana on


      Guess, I have to add you to my envy list. 🙂 I have no doubts that AC/DC blew the roof off the Garden. They are the epitome of Rock N’ Roll.

      I saw an early interview with Bon from England, and he jokingly stated that AC/DC were better than the Beatles and the Stones. That is a flippant comment that I would have laughed off years ago as being a little absurd. But, you know what? Many a truth is said in jest, and after watching that footage, Bon, although kidding, he might have been somewhat right.

      D 🙂

    • Bob on

      Allan,I was at that show as well,Highway to Hell tour,I too was a huge Nugent fan but Angus and the boys burned the place down….. Bob

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