Off the Florida for a couple days to host Judas Priest at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL Thursday night. I’ve had some great times recently hosting many shows at this venue, always a blast in S Florida! Tickets are available right up till showtime so if in that area of the country hope to see you. After the show I’ll be at the Hard Rock Cafe inside the casino selling and signing both of my books. Come by and say hello right after Priest wraps up. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second photos and updates. Excited to finally see the Metal Gods on this tour!

Speaking of Priest had a great chat with Glenn Tipton on my SiriusXM show last night. Glenn was very happy about how things are going but also was unsure how much longer Priest would continue before they retire. He did say it was unlikely they would do a farewell tour or even show at this point. More likely just quietly wind down. But still plenty of shows still to come so don’t miss these legends. The greats are getting up there and nobody knows how many years they have to go.

My FM radio show this weekend features an entire middle hour with music from Aerosmith and excerpts from my recent interview with Joe Perry from his book launch.

All new podcast posts this Thursday on Itunes and at www.podcastone.com with Chris Jericho and Rich Ward as the guests.

Happy Halloween all. I’ll be back Friday night to take my kids trick or treating. Be safe and follow on Twitter and FB for more updates before then.

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  1. Hi Dana. Please ask Eddie to unblock me on Twitter. I promise to never ask “whatever happened to (insert band here).


    Dave in MD (on your side/one of the good ones)

    1. Hi Dave,

      Eddie said he never blocks anyone from Twitter unless they go WAY over the line. So, it may be another issue?

      Hope you get it sorted out.

      D 🙂

    2. Nice, Dana. Thanks. I’m the guy that got stiffed on prizes so I bugged the hell out of him for years. For the record, he made good on the CD prize pack (Underground Classic-Waysted-Heaven Tonight) but I was left “holding the bag” at M3. Bygones. Cheers.

  2. Hey Eddie, Happy Halloween! Thanks for keeping rock and metal alive and well! Any updates on new That Metal Show tapings? Any truth to the rumor that your endless appearances and book signing schedule has kept That Metal Show tapings on the back burner? I hope that’s not true. What did you think of Steel Panther opening up for Priest on their latest tour? I haven’t heard much from you on Steel Panther. I heard they blew Priest off the stage on this latest tour. Thanks for all you do Eddie!

  3. Love the Jerico ward podcast just listened to the new Fozzy album thought was real good
    I like to know why they decided to cover an Abba tune? Any thoughts Ed or Dana?

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