Off the Florida for a couple days to host Judas Priest at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL Thursday night. I’ve had some great times recently hosting many shows at this venue, always a blast in S Florida! Tickets are available right up till showtime so if in that area of the country hope to see you. After the show I’ll be at the Hard Rock Cafe inside the casino selling and signing both of my books. Come by and say hello right after Priest wraps up. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second photos and updates. Excited to finally see the Metal Gods on this tour!

Speaking of Priest had a great chat with Glenn Tipton on my SiriusXM show last night. Glenn was very happy about how things are going but also was unsure how much longer Priest would continue before they retire. He did say it was unlikely they would do a farewell tour or even show at this point. More likely just quietly wind down. But still plenty of shows still to come so don’t miss these legends. The greats are getting up there and nobody knows how many years they have to go.

My FM radio show this weekend features an entire middle hour with music from Aerosmith and excerpts from my recent interview with Joe Perry from his book launch.

All new podcast posts this Thursday on Itunes and at www.podcastone.com with Chris Jericho and Rich Ward as the guests.

Happy Halloween all. I’ll be back Friday night to take my kids trick or treating. Be safe and follow on Twitter and FB for more updates before then.

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  1. I had the privilege of seeing Judas Priest for my first time a couple of years ago in Tucson Az. They blew my mind and I’ve been to over 300 concerts.My dad took me to see the Beach Boys when I was 5.After that I saw Van Helen and that was the hook for me. I’m 36 now, but my point is I was saddened that I hadn’t seen Priest before and I really thought it was the last tour.But I’ll keep seeing them live every time they come to my area they smoke live

  2. Eddie-help me out, please. I occasionally write this site when a topic really interests me, and I try to compose a letter that is insightful and makes a valid point. On several occasions my submissions are not posted, and I’ve always accepted that decision-it’s not my site, and you have the right to accept or deny the content you want. However, there are occasions when people are extremely vulgar towards each other, and the letters they write have no point except to insult each other. An example: read the posts written earlier today and you’ll read a guy calling someone an “asswipe”, and it is allowed to be posted. I don’t get it: why are insulting letters published while a note written with some thought deleted? I may not always agree with your or another reader’s opinion, but I’m not going to insult anyone. So, why are insults and bad language allowed to be seen, while a note that has some merit cut?

    1. Bearkat,

      I cannot speak for Eddie, but only for myself. I, personally, do not remember ever deleting a comment from you.

      As for the cursing and the insults, I don’t approve of it. I have contacted many a poster offline to warn them that if the bullying continued, I would be forced to censor their posts. I also try to change the appearance of expletives by using dashes or initials instead. As for the a-wipe comment, I am surprised that it got through unscathed and not altered. I have to scan through so many comments, there is always a chance that an error can be made.

      Hope that sheds some light on the matter,
      Dana from ET.com 🙂

  3. Well, there you go.
    Ask a fair question and the post is deleted.
    It’s sad when name-calling is rewarded, and asking Eddie a good question is denied.
    It’s just plain sad.

    1. Sorry Mr. Bearkat,

      But, I just did a search in the pending and deleted comments and I could not find a single one from you in either place. So, either you thought you might have posted and didn’t, or you changed your screename.

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    1. Neither is National Metal Day but I plan to celebrate that to on 11-11. It’s the spirit of being young at heart and loving life and never losing that feeling no matter how old you get. I wouldn’t want to live my life any other way. That does not make me an idiot. You don’t have to be rude.

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