It’s that time again, the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame have announced their lead nominees for class of 2019.

On the list: Radiohead, Def Leppard, Stevie Nicks, Rage Against the Machine, the Cure, Devo, Janet Jackson, Kraftwerk, LL Cool J, Roxy Music, Todd Rundgren, John Prine, MC5, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and the Zombies.

The top vote-getters will be announced in December and inducted March 29th, 2019 at a ceremony at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. HBO will broadcast the event later next year.

To be eligible for this year’s ballot, each nominee’s first single or album had to released in 1993 or earlier. Several of the nominees have appeared on previous ballots, but this is first appearance for Def Leppard, Devo, Prine, Roxy Music, Nicks and Rundgren. Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine both made their debut appearance last year in their first period of eligibility. This is the fifth appearance for Kraftwerk and LL Cool J, the fourth for the Zombies, the third for Janet Jackson and Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and the second for the Cure.

A voting pool of more than 1,000 artists, historians, journalists and members of the music industry will select the new class, and once again fans will have a chance to be a part of the process. They can vote on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s website or visit the museum in Cleveland and make a selection at an interactive kiosk.

As in recent years, the Hall of Fame has announced the individual members of each band that will be inducted. The current lineup of Def Leppard is listed along with the late Steve Clark and original guitarist Pete Willis.

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  • RTunes68 on


    I don’t recall a single word in my comment that would indicate I needed a “chill pill,” or anything that dismissed your opinion as ” not valid.” I merely took issue with two of your quotes, and then posed an opposing opinion. As for Stevie’s voice, sure, one person’s “goat vibrato” is another person’s “unique voice.” However, the RRHoF isn’t based on the greatest singers, so it shouldn’t be a disqualifier. If that were the case, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Madonna, AC/DC (Brian Johnson), Van Halen (David Lee Roth), AND Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks, again) all would never have made it in. Also, Stevie’s appearance – while it was certainly used to market the band – has, again, nothing to do with her nomination to the RRHoF. So to bring up her appearance seemed unnecessary to me in this context.

    So I’m not really sure what I said that was so objectionable. It was an opposing view for debate. Isn’t that what the whole Comments area is for – open debate?

    And, no. I’m not Stevie Nicks….(although I might be Mick Fleetwood!)

    • Dana on

      I have no trouble with a spirited debate, but without the benefit of hearing the inflection of your voice, your comment read snarky to me, sorry.

      As for the topic of Nicks’ appearance helping her marketability, I only mentioned it after your supercilious reply, admonishing me for comparing Urban and Underwood’s looks, to that of, Nicks and Petty.

      In my initial reponse to DR, I readily admitted it was a superficial comment. I also stated it was an ADDED BONUS, to Urban and Underwood’s talent, which I credited in the previous sentence, by stating that I think their version of the song, happened to be superior to the original.

      Finally, if you don’t think one’s appearance can’t add, or detract, from one’s success (and I know it should have no bearing) in the music business, then I have a bridge to sell you. I interned in the publicity department of a Warner Bros. label well over two decades ago, and I can attest to it. It is called the music BUSINESS, for a reason.

      Look, I love Bon Jovi, but one would have to be living under a rock if you don’t think Jon’s appearance played a pivotal role in the band’s success. I was there, I saw who was in the audience on the Slippery When Wet tour. While there were males present, trust me, 90% of the audience were young females. How many do you think, other than maybe myself, and perhaps two handfuls of other girls, were actually there for the songs?

      I am sure Bon Jovi’s record sales, and popularity, were a key reason as to why they were inducted into the Rock Hall, but Jon’s appearance had A LOT to do with the success of the band, like it or not. It was the same in the 50’s with the Beatles.

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