JudasPriest2013400 Judas Priest have finally completed work on their first album without original guitarist KK Downing, frontman Rob Halford has revealed.

The band started on the follow-up to 2008′s Nostradamus following Downing’s surprise departure in 2011. He was replaced by Richie Faulkner.

Halford tells Artisan News: “The record is absolutely finished as of today. It’s a relief, because whenever Priest make an album you put your heart and soul into it. It’s not an easy thing to do 40 years later. But Priest has always been up for the challenge of that. It’s one of the things we love to do more than anything else. This is a great time – 40th anniversary, a brand new record. Life couldn’t be better.”

A release date has yet to be confirmed for what will be the band’s 17th studio album, although it is expected later this year. They’re unlikely to embark on a large-scale world tour in support of the launch, after saying their Epitaph tour, which ended in 2012, would be the last of its kind.

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    • Richman on

      Dude, I have to say that I’m all KISSed out. It was fun but now it’s way fucking out of control. 200 comments? I like to slack off at work but it is getting too tedious to follow. Anyway I was put off by NOSTRADAMUSes length but ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION was very good so I’m sure this will be interesting. I wonder who the songwriters will be minus K.K. I am eagerly anticipating this as well.

    • DR on

      Dude I totally hear you and couldn’t agree more on everything you said. Need a break from KISS for a day or two. I totally didn’t get Nostrodamus but loved Angel of Retribution. I miss KK but Faulkner is the real deal. I’ll take anything I can get at this point.

    • Scott on


  • Lee on

    No KK, yikes, glad no tour, he was the guy.

    • pete lytel on

      I grew up on KK, but I gotta tell you Richie was masterful on their last tour, amazing

  • DC on

    WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! Yes, Nostradamus was a bit of a curveball, but I’ve been a Priest die-hard since SFV came out. I’m curious to see how the writing and production went with Glenn, once again, being producer. He did a poor job when Tim was in the band. They need Tsangarides in the control booth. Regardless, VERY excited to see how this album turns out. PRIEST! PRIEST! PRIEST!

    On a side note, I’m surprised so many people are high on Richie. Yes, he’s a super nice guy and a good player. But I found his antics annoying as hell on stage and feel he’s way too much of a Zakk Wylde clone. Not that KK was a virtuoso, but he had his own style. Richie, not so much. I just hope Glenn let him contribute to the music, instead of keeping him at arm’s length like he did with Tim.

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