Frontiers Music and Spread Eagle are very proud to announce the planned release of a new studio album in 2019.

The band has started pre-production in the Music Building, New York, NY which is the exact place where our debut album was written and rehearsed. Recording will take place at Studio E in Brooklyn, NY with Grammy Award winning engineer Tom Camuso.

What a fantastic, fun year this has been for Spread Eagle! In August-September we toured UK/EU for the very first time. A HUGE thanks to promoters Ian Glenn Wright at Hull Metal Heaven Festival, Bernd Wilbert at MBM Live, Seven Webster at Hard Rock Hell Festival, Sebastian Alsdorf at Paunchy Cats and our incredible friend Dan DeVita at TKO Artists. The shows were great, the audiences were amazing and the band had a truly incredible experience. Spread plan on more UK/EU touring (along with USA and other territories) as soon as the new record is completed.

We’re inspired and working hard on doing what we do best. Writing kick ass ROCK music that will be played loud and live…to many people. This is what we live for, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, keep up with us:

On our website

Spread Eagle:

Ray West – lead vocals, percussion
Rob De Luca – bass, vocals
Ziv Shalev – guitar
Rik De Luca – drums

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  • Frank T on

    I have never heard of this band. But they best be better than Led Zeppelin if there is an announcement of their new record over a year in advance.

  • Keith G on

    Never heard of these guys. Spotify has two albums from this band available for listening, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC was released in 1993, and SPREAD EAGLE was released in 1990. I will check them out and let you know.

    • Keith G on

      Listened to both of these albums on Spotify, and they were both really good. The songs were all heavy, but melodic. Solid musicianship and good vocals. The first album was definitely my favorite of the two, but I could listen to both again. Nothing earth-shattering here, but definitely worth listening to. “Switchblade Serenade” is a really good tune. I will definitely check out the new album.

  • Doug on

    “Spread Eagle,” now that is a blast from the past! First album is their best, IMO.

  • Greg in H2Otown on

    I’ve known about these guys since the early 2000’s. Have a song called Back On The Bitch on a compilation cd I have, pretty jammin’ tune, and recently found their debut on a nice quality burnable cassette. The bass player played with Sebastian Bach when I saw him open for Twisted Sister twelve years ago, he also had Bobby Jarzombec (Halford) on drums and special guest’s Wolf Hoffman and Kurt Vanderhoof shredding on guitar that night.

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