Had a great visit by Rick Allen on Friday to my Volume show. Talked all sorts of great stuff. Hear it  again tomorrow 8-10P ET on Volume 106 on SiriusXM or On Demand on the app. Coming soon to the podcast also. Tom Keifer on my current podcast.

Please note my show on channel 39 is live every week when I am able to do it. I am now a full time employee of SiriusXM and Volume is my daily show live every day. I will be back on 39 on 1/22. This show, since it’s live, will happen when I can and it does not conflict with company holidays, travel for Volume, vacation and remotes for Volume. I urge you if you like the show on 39 you will LOVE the daily show on EVERY DAY on 106 and LIVE with replays! If you only have the SiriusXM music channels please try and upgrade to get 106. Thanks.

I will be broadcasting this Friday from the Atlanta Kiss Expo. Vinnie Vincent is expected to join me on air. This is not my event and can’t promise, but I have been told Vinnie is willing to come on. So be sure to listen this Friday live 2-4P ET. Probably been 30 years since I spoke with him! I will also be doing my own Q&A on Saturday at the expo. More when I know.

RIP Fast Eddie Clarke. I didn’t know him well, but was in touch via email. Seemed like a nice man. Very sad all 3 of the classic Motorhead lineup now gone. ABSURD that whenever the R&R HOF gets their head out of their ass and puts Motorhead in, they will all be gone, because they chose to snub them for years. Disgusting! RIP Fast Eddie.

The recent video of Kiss making an interviewer remove his Iron Maiden shirt is beyond sad. How much ego and how warped must you be to make someone do that? In 14 seasons of TMS all we did was wear other rock shirts while interviewing bands. Hundreds of guests, and not one ever said a thing or felt threatened by it.. It is truly pathetic. Sad to humiliate that guy like that. So many things wrong with it wouldn’t know where to begin. But it says a lot about the mentality and how those guys think and the unreal sensitivity.. can you imagine Steve Harris asking a guy to remove his Kiss shirt?..wow!

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  1. I wasn’t aware that Kiss made that poor interviewer change his shirt. I just watched the video and it was painful to watch. Paul and Gene need to be slapped (figuratively speaking). Their arrogance is not pretty.
    I am interested in hearing the Vinnie Vincent interview if it actually happens. 30 years is a long time, and I would love to hear what he’s been up to, and what his plans are.

  2. I, the legendary RICHMAN and longtime Gene and Paul defender will come out of retirement to declare Gene, Paul and Eric to be 3 huge douchebags. Better men could have made it into a joke like: HEY GET THIS MAN A KISS SHIRT and gave him a free shirt and it would have been cool but NOOOOOOOO!!!!! This is rock n roll? 60 year old bullies shaming a working guy for representing the genre not the specific band. He should have asked these make-up wearing clowns why HIDE YOUR HEART uses Hispanic names in order to depict violent street people. That whole exchange was entirely classless and a complete waste of time. Time to pack it in. KISS has worn out their welcome.

    1. I completely agree, it was disgraceful and speaks to some of the real deep seeded issues Mr Stanley has and always has had.. it was sickening.

    2. Paul Stanley comes up to me one day as I’m walking down the street minding my own business,
      Now he looks me up, and he looks me down, and he says hey man, what be this? And what be that? And why you gotta Wear that Iron Maiden crap?
      I just kinda looked at him and laughed and said hey man, back in 1980, Iron Maiden blew your band off the map!

  3. I’m sure those guys would say that they didn’t get ahead in the ’70s by expressing humility. But with age is supposed to come wisdom, and the ability to show a little gratitude AND humility for everything they’ve been fortunate enough to partake of in life. I get that Kiss had a big impact on rock music, but IMO there were MUCH more talented artists that never made a fraction of what Gene and Paul have taken in over the years. A lot of what they got by on was just schtick, and they really should be thanking their lucky stars for everything. Just goes to show what happens when you believe your own press. They’ll probably wind up like Pacino at the end of Godfather 3. Old, and alone, because you’ve burned every bridge you had in life.

  4. I interviewed Ronnie once for a cable access show and I wore a BOC shirt because I thought Ronnie liked them, another Long Island band, and, to demonstrate my cool taste in music. Turns out, I had no clue of the intense animosity between those two camps from the Pearlman days, etc. If only I’d known…so, Ronnie meets me, looks at my shirt, and gets this somewhat pissed off look on his face, and pretty much shut down…but, then his Dio intuition must’ve let him know that I was there in good faith, and that I had no idea of their history. (Goodness, when I read about how much they hated each other after that interview his initial reaction had context). The point here is even after all that Ronnie didn’t mention my shirt, he never told me I couldn’t talk to him, and he warmed up to me a lot after the conversation got going. That said, do you think the Kiss guys were just ribbing him a bit?

    1. No ribbing, just plain old classlessness and bad manners. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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