slayer2013lineup_lo Slayer have released a youtube clip spoofing actor Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln car commerical. Watch it below.

Slayer will be hitting the road with Suicidal Tendencies in November. See their tour itinerary below.


11 Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
12 Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
14 The Forum, Los Angeles, CA
15 Comercia Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
17 Bricktown Events Center, Oklahoma City, OK
18 ACL Live, Austin, TX
19 Verizon Theatre, Dallas, TX
21 Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL
22 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
23 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC
25 The Armory, Albany, NY
26 Sands Events Center, Bethlehem, PA
28 The Palladium, Worcester, MA
29 Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, NJ
30 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA


2 Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH
4 Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, IN
5 The Fillmore, Detroit, MI

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  • Mark on

    Why do people constantly say, “without so and so this isn’t the band” . Does that make and justice for all not real Metallica since cliff isn’t there? Is exile on Main Street not the rolling stones since Brian jones isn’t there? Dark side of the moon not real Floyd since syd Barrett isn’t there? Come on people enjoy music for what it is and stop being so judgmental

    • Joe Pensanti on

      Mark: Brian Jones was good, yes, but you cannot help death. Which is why I don’t have a problem with Jeff being replaced. Same goes for Cliff in Metallica. The only person I can never accept being replaced in a band after death is Freddie Mercury. Dave Lombardo has a drumming style that fit Slayer perfectly. Bostaph is a machine, Dave knew when to lay back, when to kill. Big difference. He’s really the only “lead drummer” in metal, period. You can’t replace that.

  • Angel of Death on

    It never ceases to amaze me how some “fans” think a band should hang it up because of the lost of one or two members. Just because one drank themselves to death and another had an ego trip, Tom and Kerry should quit collaborating together as Slayer. Paul is more than capable of filling the role left behind by Dave, and it fact did it quite well in the ’90s. And Gary has filled in quite well in Jeff’s absence, and subsequently since his passing as well. Yes they’ll no doubt be a different writing process without Jeff, but as always, Slayer will continue to sound fast, thrashy, and loud. For those that wish to drop out, they’ll be others willing to take your place. Slayer isn’t going into the abyss, no pun intended, nor should they quit either. Tom and Kerry have every right to continue on to provide a living for themselves and their families, as well as Paul and Gary. Don’t like it? Don’t buy their new CD, and don’t come to their shows. You won’t be missed.

    • DR on

      You and Mark are making waaaaay too much sense for this site AOD. Didn’t you know that the fans are owed? If they paid $10 for a cassette in 1985, then they have every right to tell a band what to do and shame them forever if the band doesn’t listen. Apparently Araya and King should go work in a warehouse now instead of calling themselves Slayer.

    • Joe Pensanti on

      Angel of death: Look forward to dwindling attendance at Slayer shows in America without Dave. Bet on it.

  • Charlie C on

    Mark and Angel of death are right people are too critical and maybe they should hang it up and listen to top 40 Justine Beeber crap ( rather destroy my hearing than listen to that garbage) but we become critical then that’s all that will be left to listen too
    The spoof on that McConaughey’s Lincoln car commerical. Was funny that stupid commercial can’t stand it

  • Charlie C on

    Then I guess AC/DC should have quit to work in a warehouse after Bon Scott
    Really ( Got the ins pertain from your AC/DC clip Dana Thanx)

  • Rick on

    Way to go to my friend jake on a kick ass vid

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