Hope everyone had a good weekend. Was fun hanging at the Chiller show in NJ over the weekend. Thanks to all who came to my signings. Also cool to spend some time with my TMS partner Don Jamieson and chat some with Lita Ford, Cherie Currie, Marky Ramone and Tony Orlando. Yes Tony Orlando! Clearly not a rocker but as a kid growing up in the 70’s he was a part of my childhood and was a super nice guy. Also hung with Ace Frehley for a few minutes. He is excited about the upcoming live shows which kick off in NJ 11/13 at the State Theater. Win tickets for this and many other shows by visiting “ET’s Box Office” on this site! See you there.

Both of my books are available via mail and make perfect gifts for the coming holidays. Please hit the “Books” tab on this site for order info. I’ll mail it anywhere in the USA and write whatever you’d like as far as personalization. Order early for plenty of delivery time and be sure to specify VOL 1 or VOL 2 with your order! Thanks.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation). Guests include Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest and Glenn Danzig. I’ll be hosting Priest this Thursday at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL. Meet me and grab a copy of either of my books after Priest inside the casino at the Hard Rock Cafe right after the show wraps up Thursday night.

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  1. Judas priest put on one amazing concert in k.c…. Kanas city was buzzing due to the world series.. The midland theatre kicks ass… Setlist better live than on paper.. The priest look like they were having fun…..90 minutes of fast and furious metal.. K.C priest fans were all in.. And i”m from St.Louis.. Missouri .. Judas priest worth the 300 hundred dollars to make the trip from St.Louis to k.c..,. Kanas city is a rock and roll city..and gets lots of concerts St.Louis does not..judas priest seemed amazed by the k.c. Crowd.. Judas priest put on a DVD quality show.. Kanas city may be the most fun on tour and again I’m from St. Louis Missouri..

  2. Tony Orlando rose from the dead, he admitted he was like Tony Montana with the piles for years. He’s a great guy…goes way back 50 years ago on those bus tours.

  3. I loved, love and will always love Tony Orlando. Great entertainer, helluva cool guy. For anyone out there that thinks it’s corny, I don’t care. Knock Three Times is a great song. So there.

  4. Listened to the Glenn Danzig telephone interview and heard Eddie mention that Danzig LP’s from the Samhain era were pricey. So just out of curiosity I checked Ebay and was amazed at the moolah they want. How ironic given that a lot of people were making fun of them at the time (and in doing so, ignored fear of Glenn beating them to death).

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