Current The Dead Daisies frontman Glenn Hughes has tested positive for Covid, and as a result, he is being replaced on the band’s summer 2022 European tour. Filling in for Hughes will be vocalist Dino Jelusick (Whitesnake) and bassist Yogi Lonich.

The Dead Daisies said in a statement, “We’re sad to have to announce that the dreaded virus has hit the camp again with Glenn Hughes testing positive and unfortunately unable to continue. He’s doing OK, and please join us in wishing him a speedy recovery.

In the spirit of The Dead Daisies, ‘The Show Must Go On’. As Yogi filled in for David when he was crook, we’re forging forward with Yogi playing bass and Dino Jelusick joining us on vocals for the rest of these shows.

We know some of you are coming to see Glenn, but we hope you will still come out, rock with us, and have a great time. Too many bands find it easy to just cancel, but we’re determined to keep playing for you guys … rain, hail, heat or virus.

If you do want to give it a miss, we’re in the process of speaking with the promoters to work something out .. we’ll keep you posted.

Look forward to seeing you at these remaining shows.”

The Dead Daisies are scheduled to release their sixth studio album, Radiance, on September 30th. Read further details about this forthcoming release by clicking here.

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  1. Cancel a whole tour because of covid ?? Unless Glen is seriously ill.from covid he should be good to go in a couple of weeks ?? 3 of my co workers recently had covid and weren’t even affected at all from it ? Very confusing

    1. Hi Robert,

      The thing about Covid is it affects everyone differently. Some people only have cold symptoms and others end up hospitalized. I believe I had it over July 4th and well beyond. I never got tested, but my fiancee did, and he was positive. I got sick about 4-5 days behind him, so I assume I caught it. I ran fever, had throat issues, especially at night. I was achy, dead tired, and then it went into my nose for about 4-5 days, which was pretty miserable.

      Also I took something, along with TONS of vitamins, zinc, etc. So, if I had not done any of those things, who knows if I could have been worse?

    2. Dana and Robert,
      I feel like your cases are the rule and not the exception at this point. I wish we’d just get on with it as a society (not necessarily the Dead Daisies story, more like “big brother”). The tagline now is “experiencing minor symptoms.” Well yeah, it’s mild cuz it’s mild now. I had it two months ago, didn’t know I had it other than “experiencing minor symptoms”

  2. Dana,
    Completely understand, Glenn is older I know it effects everyone differently, just from the people I know who got covid, including myself, no one was seriously impacted , I also luckily never really felt bad when I had it, and was back to work in a week

    1. Consider yourself lucky, sadly I know someone who passed away from it (but this was at the very beginning stages of the pandemic), and my Dad knows two people who also succumbed, but that was not at the height.

    2. I had it twice last year, first time was really bad, like a really bad flu and without being able to taste or smell anything for 2-3 days, that sucked! For me that was the worst part of it! The second time wasn’t too bad, nowhere near as bad as the first time!

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