sebastian_bach-400 Original Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach claims the band were offered half a million dollars for two reunion shows with him – and turned it down.

He’s previously discussed how the band were invited to appear at the UK’s Sonisphere festival in 2012, although the event was later cancelled. Also he has lashed out in the past at the attitude of his former colleagues, accusing them of being “allergic to cash.”

Bach recently told Loudwire, “We got offered a reunion show at Sonisphere, and I can tell you the details because it never happened. We were offered $250,000 per show for two shows, a Friday and a Saturday night. We were going to get paid half a million dollars – and Rachel Bolan didn’t want to do it.”

The singer says he’s still part of the Skid Row corporation with bassist Bolan and guitarist Snake Sabo and continues, “If you’re in a company with somebody and they’re turning down your work, that’s a bummer. Why do you have to breach your fiduciary duties?”

He describes himself as “heartbroken” over the fact that the band have never marked their history with any re-release campaign. “The first album came out 25 years ago and there’s not a vinyl edition with a poster,” he says. “It makes me nuts.

I don’t even have to be in the same room with those guys to do that shit. Why don’t we embrace the legacy like every other band? Put out a DVD, put out a vinyl record, put out a box set.

I would like to apologize to my fans and Skid Row fans. I’m sorry that you can’t go enjoy what we made for you. It doesn’t exist. I mean, why?”

Skid Row officially announced former TNT frontman, Tony Harnell, as their new lead singer on Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Eddie Trunk Live. The band re-recorded their hit song 18 & Life with Harnell on vocals, it can be heard here.

The band also announced a string of live shows. Their tour schedule is as follows:

May 22 – Living Sky Casino – Swift Current, Canada
May 23 – Dakota Dunes Casino – Saskatoon, Canada
May 27 – Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ
May 28 – Canyon Club – Agoura Hills, CA
May 30 – The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV
Jun. 12 – Little River Casino – Manistee, MI
Jun. 13 – Harley Fest – Sterling Heights, MI
Jun. 19 – Krautfest – Franksville, WI
Jun. 27 – Greely Stampede – Greeley, CO
Jul. 18 – Deerfoot Inn & Casino – Calgary, Canada
Jul. 24 – The Centre At Moncton Casino – Moncton, Canada
Jul. 31 – Skogsröjet Festival – Rejmyre, Sweden
Aug. 1 – Helgeafestivalen 2015 – Knislinge, Sweden
Aug. 15 – Northwoods Rock Rally – Glen Flora, WI
Sep. 4 – Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas, NV
Sep. 5 – Hard Rock Café Lake Tahoe – Stateline, NV
Oct. 24 – Motofiesta – Leon, Mexico

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  • john tison on

    They or one guy must really hate Bach!

  • T on

    I wonder if on some level, the Skids have the same concern that Paul and Gene had about the response towards an original line up HOF performance. The concern is that the response from the audience would be so overwhelming, that the bands would have a hard time returning to their current lineups. I don’t think the fans realistically expect them to stay back together, but would just like a taste of the original magic, and then they would return to their lives.

    • Mr. Rock And Roll on

      I agree with T. Never was a big fan, but Bas WAS the band, really. Kind of like Debbie Harry WAS Blondie. Just because I know who Rob Affuso is and that James Destri played keys in Blondie, the other 99 % out there don’t give a hoot. And Skid Row had their 2 years and poof, it was over. A big hit for a Summer, 2 big records. Then gone. Hardly worthy of clamoring for a reunion. They didn’t make the same impact that GNR did. It’s not like they turned rock music up on its head or anything.

  • Bill Zwerz on

    Enough already, Bas. Your band was cool, and made two decent albums. You weren’t Zep, as someone mentioned earlier. Hell, you weren’t even Riot or Kix. Ha.

    • Eddie on

      Way bigger than Riot and bigger than Kix in their day..

    • Doug on

      Totally agree, way bigger. For a moment in time they were at Guns N’ Roses status.

    • Terry Anderson on

      RIOT V is actually kicking major ass on tour over seas with Donnie Van Stavern (DVS) on bass leading the way. And KIX was one of the MOST under-rated bands of their time. Skid Row, one of the MOST over-rated… when they toured with Pantera… I was like “huh”? Not a good mix. BUT, that being said… Skid Row did have some killer music for their genre and made a lot of people break out their wallets. Credit given. But it’s waaaay over. A nice disc set is due and owed to the fans and members though. IMO.

  • bryan kaempf on

    As for 80s hair bands,always liked great white,queensryche,and for the rest,not so much.

  • Frank Wolf on

    Why does everyone have such passion for these reunions?
    go listen to the old recordings…. that’s what they are for.

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