sebastian_bach-400 Sebastian Bach has released a video for the song Temptation, taken from his upcoming solo album Give ‘Em Hell due on April 18th in Europe and April 22nd in North America through Frontiers Records.

“This is the song that so many of you freaked out to on the Jay Mohr Show a while back and now we have an incredible video by Patrick Fogarty that I cannot wait for you all to see,” said the former Skid Row frontman. “It is mind blowing to me to have my friends Duff McKagan, Will Hunt and Devin Bronson in the video also with John 5 and Bobby Jarzombek on the track!”

“I wrote this song with John 5 from Rob Zombie’s band, the guitar player, who’s incredibly great,” Bach said earlier this year on the Jay Mohr Show. “On the bass on this song is none other than Mr. Duff McKagan. He actually had a lot to do with this album. I was in a super-group — well, it was a group, I don’t know about the super part (laughs) — called Kings Of Chaos in Australia and Duff was there and I said, ‘hey I’m working on a record do you want to write some songs together?’ He goes, ‘what kind of music?’ I go, ‘just rude fucking rock.’ He goes, ‘I can do dirty.’ I go, ‘that’s fucking exactly what I want, just rude riffs!’ So he gave me a tune that is so killer, but then he ended up playing on half the record — so it’s me and Duff and John 5. Then I got Steve Stevens on three songs, from Billy Idol’s band.”

Watch the video for Temptation below.


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  1. This track is horrible. The vocals are processed with pitch correction and harmonies, sounds like a song by Train, Nickleback or any other generic rock crap. Also, why does Baz name drop and link everyone involved to past projects. The reason they are on this album is becuase they have nothing else going on, except Duff, he just did it for fun.

    When your on the Frontiers label, its just not cool to shoot a video, no one cares about videos today. It makes the artist look like a joke. Baz should just stick to his Skid Row cover band, however playing cover songs from twenty-five years ago is like playing songs from 1964 in your 1989 cover band. Think about it, its just lame.

    1. I applaud Frontiers Records for continuing to release material from our metal artists of yesteryear.
      Also, I appreciate the inclusion of a bonus DVD with live performances and music videos.

      As far as videos today, maybe you don’t own a TV for the mobile home you rent.
      Or you prefer compressed pirated downloads through your ear buds.

      I will purchase the CD/DVD combo when it it released. If it’s even close to Angel Down and Kicking & Screaming, I’ll be satisfied.
      Can’t wait to rock this out on my home theatre and high end stereo systems.

    2. “no one cares about videos today”
      I didn’t get that memo, along with the millions of others who watch videos on YouTube (including on the Frontiers Records Channel) and Vevo everyday, just to name a few.

      I’m going to stop there but everything you said is just a minefield of absurdity.

  2. He is a cocky jack ass who talks shit about his fans the second they
    turn around? I saw it at a Meet&Greet. People just being cool
    and friendly. Then he makes nasty comments. His music is great but
    nobody should treat fans that way. Get over yourself BAS-your 46,divorced and
    live w/a low class skank. We should feel sorry for you.

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