sebastian_bach-400 Sebastian Bach has released a video for the song Temptation, taken from his upcoming solo album Give ‘Em Hell due on April 18th in Europe and April 22nd in North America through Frontiers Records.

“This is the song that so many of you freaked out to on the Jay Mohr Show a while back and now we have an incredible video by Patrick Fogarty that I cannot wait for you all to see,” said the former Skid Row frontman. “It is mind blowing to me to have my friends Duff McKagan, Will Hunt and Devin Bronson in the video also with John 5 and Bobby Jarzombek on the track!”

“I wrote this song with John 5 from Rob Zombie’s band, the guitar player, who’s incredibly great,” Bach said earlier this year on the Jay Mohr Show. “On the bass on this song is none other than Mr. Duff McKagan. He actually had a lot to do with this album. I was in a super-group — well, it was a group, I don’t know about the super part (laughs) — called Kings Of Chaos in Australia and Duff was there and I said, ‘hey I’m working on a record do you want to write some songs together?’ He goes, ‘what kind of music?’ I go, ‘just rude fucking rock.’ He goes, ‘I can do dirty.’ I go, ‘that’s fucking exactly what I want, just rude riffs!’ So he gave me a tune that is so killer, but then he ended up playing on half the record — so it’s me and Duff and John 5. Then I got Steve Stevens on three songs, from Billy Idol’s band.”

Watch the video for Temptation below.


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  1. This is the first song I’ve heard from this album and really like it! Will definitely pick this album up, especially knowing he’s got Duff on half the album, along with John 5 and Steve Stevens, killer lineup!
    I’m a bit surprised that Bach chose a more mid-tempo song for first single rather than a loud, fast track (considering album cover/title and overall hype) but I have a feeling that was the strategy and the next track will be more like what we’d expect.

    Just like with KISS, wish Bach and the rest of Skid Row could put differences aside for the fans (to celebrate the 25th of their first album) but I’m sure Bolan is the issue here. Bach and Sabo have been in touch at least once or twice since in the last few years (Twitter pic in ’12), so seems Sabo is just keeping quiet to avoid making waves. With a name like Dave “Snake” Sabo, seems silly to keep quiet behind a dude with a chick’s name, doesn’t it? Can’t imagine a better way to go out there and give the fans some 25th anniversary love with Bach, Sabo and Hill and Duff on bass with either Skid Row or Bach’s drummer.

    1. So let me get this straight – you want KISS and Skid Row to put their differences aside and re-unite their respective bands. But in the case of Skid Row, you’ll accept a different bassist and drummer. So what you really want is Bach, Snake, and Scotty Hill to get together. But as long as the ‘dude with a chick’s name’ isn’t there you’re ok. My friend, you’re the type of metalhead that gave us all a bad name in high school bro.

    2. Actually, since you seem to have completely misread what I very clearly wrote, I’ve NEVER said I want either band to reunite, I’ve said that for just one final performance Paul and Gene should be able to shut their mouth long enough to play as the original four at the induction, FOR THE FANS. I couldn’t care less if KISS ever played again after that because they’re nothing but a nostalgia act anymore, but the fans wanted it and they should respect that.

      Regarding Skid Row, Bolan is the only one making any kind of comment that playing with Bach would be a waste of time. Sabo and Bolan are the founding members of Skid Row, but it’s quite obvious that band all but died after Bach and while the rest of Skid Row fades away into obscurity milking the legacy for all it’s worth, Bach is out there touring and putting out new music with A-list players on his album. If Sabo were to speak up and say the same thing as Bolan, it would be obvious that both of them feel like they’re doing just fine without Bach and happy with Skid Row playing gas station parking lots or wherever the hell they are these days. It’s the 25th anniversary of their first album, Bach is proud of that, the fans are proud of it, and I bet if Sabo and Hill were asked I doubt they’d have any problem with doing something with Bach, but Sabo probably doesn’t want to make waves with Bolan because apparently there’s still money to squeeze out of the name. So, now that I’ve repeated myself, I’ll add that what I really want is for these arrogant self-important burnouts who couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves to stop acting like children and acknowledge the people who got them where they are today.

      I’ll tell you what gives metalheads a bad name, people who come on these forums trying to make others look bad by twisting their words and ignoring what they actually said.

    3. ‘Can’t imagine a better way to go out there and give the fans some 25th anniversary love with Bach, Sabo and Hill and Duff on bass with either Skid Row or Bach’s drummer.’
      ‘seems silly to keep quiet behind a dude with a chick’s name,’

      I don’t think I’m twisting Jason. Those are your exact words above. So again, you don’t want a Skid Row reunion. You want 3/5 of the band back together with some fill ins. Sounds like just like KISS whom you also bitched about. Secondly, does a ‘dude with a chicks name’ mean they are a lessor person in a conversation? Is that because you perceive a ‘chick’ or woman to be a lessor person? Now that’s how you twist words. Maybe read before you post.

    4. First of all, I was being a sarcastic talking about how a guy with a nickname “Snake” is letting a dude named Rachel call the shots and prevent anyone from playing. That requires someone with a sense of humor to clue into; no need to crucify me or start a lecture on chauvinism because that one flew over your head.

      Moving on, since every word I’ve said is being put under a microscope here, let me add the following preface to my earlier statement which I’m certain based on my comments was clearly implied…AS LONG AS RACHEL BOLAN HAS NO INTEREST IN PLAYING WITH SEBASTIAN BACH, can’t imagine a better way to go out there and give the fans some 25th anniversary love with Bach, Sabo and Hill and Duff on bass with either Skid Row or Bach’s drummer.

      Is that better, or basically they should all just say f**k it because Bolan is stuck in the past like Paul and Gene?

      There is no “one size fits all” solution to lineup changes.
      You’re trying to call me out for being inconsistent, saying I wish the original lineup for KISS would play HOF but screw Bolan. The HOF would have undoubtedly been the very last time to have seen the original four members of KISS perform together, different scenario. What you haven’t seen is me also saying in other threads that since Gene and Paul refuse, Ace and Peter should get up there and do a couple acoustic tracks that they wrote and Peter sang so as not to let the opportunity slip by completely.

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