sebastian_bach-400 Iconic rock vocalist Sebastian Bach is currently hard at work in the studio under the direction of producer Bob Marlette (Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath, Shinedown etc) to record the anticipated follow up album to the acclaimed Kicking & Screaming. The new effort will be released through Frontiers Records and is tentatively scheduled for spring 2014.

Of his forthcoming new album, Sebastian Bach commented, “I am happy to say we have completed the drums and most of the bass guitar for the new record. It is a pleasure to write songs with Duff, Steve, Bob, and Devin. The album will be mastered by Tom Baker who has mastered my last three albums. This CD will be balls out in-your-face high-energy rock ‘n roll which just so happens to be my favorite style of music. I look forward to releasing the record & playing these songs live for you all in 2014!”

Sebastian managed to involve in the writing and recording some very special friends and guest stars, including none other than: Duff McKagan (Velvet Revolver, Guns n’Roses), and not one but two top class guitar players: John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol). Rounding up the lineup on the album are Devin Bronson on guitars and Bobby Jarzombek on drums. Duff and Sebastian have previously collaborated on Duff’s solo album Believe In Me.

In the meantime Sebastian has made available a new live video clip of Big Guns taken from the recent Live DVD/CD package ABachalypse Now released last March on Frontiers. This is the 3rd video from ABachalypse Now and can be viewed below.

ABachalypse Now can now be found in DVD/CD/LP. The LP is in a 180 gram Coloured Double Vinyl Gatefold Sleeve Format . The DVD/CD set includes Bach’s recent explosive performances from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles (originally broadcasted on AXS TV in North America), Hellfest in France, Graspop in Belgium and more.

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  • DR on

    Well this could be interesting. I have always loved Steve Stevens’ work inside and outside of Billy Idol. And Bobby Jarzombek kills on the Halford albums. Not Bas’ biggest fan (although he was large on Slave to the Grind), but this could definitely be worth a purchase with this group of musicians. Looking forward to 2014.

    • T-Bone on

      I’m with you on this one. Wow, John 5 AND Steve Stevens on the same record?!! Having both of them makes this a no brainer for me. Nice score Sebastian!, you couldn’t have picked two better players. I will buy this, without doubt.

  • Raphael on

    Jarzombek also killed on the two RIOT albums he was involved in during the Thundersteel lineup. Eddie doesn’t usually refer to this era to my knowledge, and I imagine he’s one of the people who prefers the Guy Speranza years, but in my opinion the Thundersteel years were fantastic and Jarzombek played a big part in that.

    Both Steve Stevens and John 5 are simply extraordinary, creative talents, and in my very humble opinion Idol’s and Rob Zombie’s writing styles vastly under-utilize their axemen. It’s their presence that makes this project so intriguing.

    Like DR, I’m not Bas’s biggest fan, but with the musicians he’s got going here, I’ll be looking forward to this album with great interest.

    • DR on

      I totally forgot about his work on Riot…good call on that one. I agree on the two guitarists and how they have been utilized over the years. But hey they’ve made the choice to work with their respective artists. I’m assuming they’ll let loose on this record which will be very exiting.

  • Matt on

    ….coming to an Indian casino near you…

  • Lee on

    I wouldn’t recognize him on the street, he looks tired and worn out…..sorta like his solo career. Call Rachel.

    • DR on

      I agree to a point. But I’ve got to give him some credit because some how he’s figured out a way to stay somewhat relevant on the scene. And this next project is a good example of how he does it. So like I say, I won’t claim to be a fan, but I’ve got to give him some credit. I thought he’d be completely finished after Skid Row. I also thought Skid Row would have re-united by now like everyone else. But the fact that he and/or Snake have stuck to their guns and are doing their own thing instead of grabbing the cash and getting together is also somewhat admirable.

    • Jason on

      Lee you are out of your mind. His solo career has been just fine. Nobody needs to call Rachel. Skid row on the other hand are jokes now. Angel Down >>>>>>>>>> everything by Skid Row EXCEPT Slave to the Grind.

  • Lee on

    Stevens & J5 are great talents but working with Bas in ’13 is like a train wreck…..the guy is indian casino or 5 on a bill stuff in Bark Park Indiana. Stevens worked with Vince so he can expect anything.

    • metalmania on

      Seems like casinos are becoming the place for bands to play these days. Besides the ones with big arenas, some of them have decent sized theaters. As a fan (albeit a middle aged one), it’s actually not a bad thing. There’s plenty of parking, an assortment of restaurants and bars to go to before and after the show, and the venues themselves are pretty nice. To be honest it’s nicer than getting squeezed into some random city lot in the rough part of town 4 blocks from the venue, which itself sometimes seems like it could be condemned and you feel like getting a vaccination shot as soon as you step into the restroom. I guess there was some charm to going to see the “hardcore” bands in the scummy rundown clubs in my youth, but I’m older now and appreciate a better venue. I’d bet the bands are happier too, I can imagine what the dressing rooms must be like in some of those old places. Not saying they wouldn’t be happier headlining the hockey arena downtown, but a casino gig is probably pretty decent.

    • richman on

      They re building 2 of them by my house, 1 actually in walking distance. I d like to work at one as like an M.C. Maybe Ill show them my posts from this website and they’ll hire me on the spot. I could be CHIEF RICHMAN but I must keep Adler away from my peacepipe.

    • DR on

      Remember Richman, if you need a reference – I’m here for you Bro.

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