Sammy Hagar has revealed details of his first solo acoustic record.

The Red Rocker will release Lite Roast on October 13th through Mailboat Records. He is joined on the record by Vic Johnson, guitarist with Hagar’s backing band Waboritas.

Former Van Halen and Montrose singer Hagar says, “I realize that when I played my songs acoustically, it made me sing different. It brought a new light to the lyrics that I’d written throughout my career.

It’s very live, very personal, with Vic accompanying me on guitar and singing background vocals. No overdubs. I think that my hardcore fans are really going to love it.”

Hagar decided to make the acoustic album – which features versions of tracks from throughout his career – after taking part in this year’s Acoustic-4-A-Cure concert in San Francisco.

Lite Roast tracklist:

1. Red Voodoo
2. One Sip
3. Finish What Ya Started
4. Eagles Fly
5. The Love
6. Father Son
7. Dreams
8. Deeper Kinda Love
9. Who Has The Right
10. Sailin’
11. Halfway To Memphis

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  1. Eddie, any idea if Chickenfoot II will be coming out anytime in the foreseeable future?

    Would love to catch this monumental band before it’s over for good.

  2. Eddie put the red rocker out to pasture years ago and his bass player, he isn’t gonna be part of it at MSG. If you think Sammy donates his box office totally to food banks yer dreaming. He has ex wives and big bills. Read Dave’s post, that’s his problem, he can’t get new material out that is great, ask Pete Townshend, he’s been trying for years.

    1. Again Lee,

      I guess you have never heard of Chickenfoot!!!! the thought of a rock album in this day and age being gold is unheard of well Chickenfoot records are.

      As for EVH putting Sammy out to pasture dude you are so far wacked EVH is the one out to pasture these days. New material???? A different kind of truth was 90% leftovers from days gone by, Michael Anthony verified that himself. Lee, Sammy has more money than he can ever spend, Mr. Trunk even rode in his private jet a few times!!!
      Read Below and wake up

  3. My thoughts on Hagar. I always liked Sammy. I’ve always respected his work and showmanship. He’s from the bay area as I am so I get to see him probably more than the average fan. I think his best music always came from a fresh start or a new beginning of some sort. Look at montrose, one of the greatestt rock albums of all time. His solo stuff was great, not all of it but very solid. Standing Hampton. Three lock box. Red. In his prime. Gets the chance to join an amazing rock band van halen. Who wouldn’t. 5150? New. Fresh. He poured his heart into that record because it’s new and exciting. That album is amazing. The rest are solid but not as good as 5150. Out of halen. The first solo album solo again was pretty damn good. Marching to mars. Then he just kind of got in party mode and the shows and music became all about the tequila. Chickenfoot started and it was solid but not as good as solo,halem, etc. the last halen reunion with hagar, he started writing about food, cream in the coffee, it went downhill. Now with all that said, I still love and support him. He’s a legend. Some people would have loved to live his life. Moving on-as a fan- I would love to see him find a group of unknown musicians, not the wabos, not a supergroup, but a rock band who are hungry for great rock and roll. Put Sammy on the mic, with sone fresh lyrics, get serious again He would have another montrose style record. That’s my opinion. As far as halen. Put Michael back in the band and let that train keep rolling.

  4. Sammy is NOT the hardest working guy in the business, Elton John is, and that’s not debatable. I love Sammy though, can’t say one negative thing about him.

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