sammyhagar400pix Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar is ready to reopen communications with Eddie Van Halen – even regarding the possibility of working together again. But he’d also want bassist Michael Anthony involved in proceedings.

Asked what he’d say to Van Halen if they met today, Hagar tells Vegas Rocks, “I’d say: ‘Wow – great! You look like you’re healthy. I’m really proud of you and I’d like to see you continuing doing that. Here’s my phone number. Call me up if you want to hang, and just have some fun and goof off.’

“I wouldn’t say, ‘Hey, let’s get together and do it again,’ because you would have to do that slow. I’d never do it again under the last circumstances. But I would do it again under different circumstances. Then I would also say, ‘Here’s Mikey’s phone number with mine!’”

Van Halen fans were divided over Anthony’s departure and replacement with Eddie’s then-teenage son Wolfgang. Hagar – who formed supergroup Chickenfoot with Anthony – has previously said that’s the part of the drama he’s always been most upset about. Even original and current frontman, David Lee Roth, recently implied that he would love to see the bassist back in the band.


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  1. Hagar is a joke! Rip EVH apart in your book, say you want nothing to do with him ever again, realize you can’t even sell out theaters with your crap band, and now try to get back with him. Van Hagar sucked!

    1. Have you heard DLR on the last tour? apparentlly NOT!!!!! Sammy can sing circles around DLR

    1. Thank you! Sammy could sound like Pavorotti for all I care. The fact is that Van Hagar was nothing but a half assed Journey. They went from being an 800 pound Rock ‘N’ Roll gorilla to a castrated poodle.

  2. There will always be a deep divide, Van Halen with Dave or Van Halen with Sammy. This debate is as strong as Republican or Democrat….. and while it’s hard to find a music fan who really likes both, the facts are that Sammy and Dave were both great for the band. Sammy still is, Dave is not. If I were the record label boss I would go with Sammy. He’s better now and is more stable. Dave is a loose cannon. Oh and by the way, Van Halen is not Van Halen without Michael Anthony remember that. No Michael Anthony, no Van Halen.

    1. I like both. Theres nothing EVH can do musically that is not worthy of attention…I dont care if Mariah Carey was singing. Regardless of what you think about Sammy or Dave ..or Gary Cherone for that matter…. its all petty bullshit, EVH is a musical genius, and his contributions to the guitar are without peer, at the end of the day thats why we are talking about this band at all.

      Youtube Howard Stern’s history of Van Halen and listen to all the interviews over the years… with ALL of them… as dysfuntional as my last wife’s family… these guys are just people, be grateful for all the music over the years. Who’s better is a dumb ass argument IMO.

  3. This issue is pointless because there are so many one sided minded people out there! I my self like all Van Halen cd’s music is just music as long as it sounds good then that is all that really matters in the end wish others felt that way but if everyone was the same life would be very boring but fighting over music is something I’d rather not do. Much rather listen to music with my ear’s then argue with them.

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