sammyhagar400pix Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar is ready to reopen communications with Eddie Van Halen – even regarding the possibility of working together again. But he’d also want bassist Michael Anthony involved in proceedings.

Asked what he’d say to Van Halen if they met today, Hagar tells Vegas Rocks, “I’d say: ‘Wow – great! You look like you’re healthy. I’m really proud of you and I’d like to see you continuing doing that. Here’s my phone number. Call me up if you want to hang, and just have some fun and goof off.’

“I wouldn’t say, ‘Hey, let’s get together and do it again,’ because you would have to do that slow. I’d never do it again under the last circumstances. But I would do it again under different circumstances. Then I would also say, ‘Here’s Mikey’s phone number with mine!’”

Van Halen fans were divided over Anthony’s departure and replacement with Eddie’s then-teenage son Wolfgang. Hagar – who formed supergroup Chickenfoot with Anthony – has previously said that’s the part of the drama he’s always been most upset about. Even original and current frontman, David Lee Roth, recently implied that he would love to see the bassist back in the band.


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  1. Sammy you seriously need to get over it man. You don’t hear any of them talking about you do you??? They have been moved on, bout time you get the F over it dude. I mean seriously.

    1. I can tell you Sammy has VERY much moved on with a band called Chickenfoot that has a gold record, unheard of in todays rock biz! How exactly is he supposed to answer these questions when people ask him? He does not bring it up! I admit to being a fan of the guy but don’t get the need to pick a side with him and Roth. He was a HUGE part of VH and had a TON of hits with them! Of course people will keep bringing it up!

  2. In my opinion the first 4 Van Halen albums were the masterpieces. The song writing, the attitude, the overall sound of the records and Eddie’s guitar were incredible. I don’t blame VH one bit for moving on to work with Sammy, but when I want to hear VH, I reach for one of those first 4 CD’s. (Even the non-hits on those records are incredible).

  3. I know this might sound crazy and would NEVER happen.But if all the band members could their egos aside for once and remember their fans,go out on tour with all members.It would be the greatest tour of all time or the biggest disaster of all time.

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