rush400pix Phil Gallo of Billboard reports:

The first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Los Angeles in more than two decades may as well have been subtitled “A Night to Celebrate Rush” as the Canadian trio’s fans packed the Nokia Theater to the rafters and made their presence known.

They booed Hall chairman Jann Wenner, undoubtedly for keeping Rush out of the hall for years on end, heckled Quincy Jones and Flavor Flav during their lengthy speeches and filled any second of dead air with shouts of “Rush” and “Geddy.”

In introducing Rush, Grohl praised Rush’s Neil Peart as “the most ripping drummer in the world,” but also wondered aloud about “the most infamous band photo” ever — the trio in kimonos and skintight pants.

“We’ve been saying for a long time this isn’t a big deal,” said Peart, who usually avoids any media attention. “Turns out it is.”

Over the applause and cheers, Grohl noted they have a “fan based rivaled only by the Grateful Dead” and Lee thanked the fans before Lifeson launched into his “blah blah blah” speech that will surely become a YouTube favorite down the road.

HBO will air the ceremony on May 18th.

Rush songs played at the ceremony:

2112-with Foo Fighters
Tom Sawyer
Permanent Wave

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  • Scott on

    About time! And being a HUGE Grateful Dead fan, Grohl was right about Rush’s fanbase being rivaled only by the Dead. Congrats Rush!

  • Brian on

    Took the almighty Hall long enough! A great day to be a rock fan. My wife and I are just one of many in the Rush Nation celebrating this! Now let’s see if this paves the way for Deep Purple, Priest, Maiden, and most of all…KISS!

  • Bob on

    Thought I knew all of Rush’s songs, but I’ve somehow missed the title track to ‘Permanent Waves’ all of these decades…

    • Brandon on

      I believe that song was off their ‘Eternal Seas and Gestures’ album. Don’t tell me you don’t have that one. 😉 I’m guessing the author meant Spirit of the Radio, but really, did no one at Billboard edit/fact check the article pre-release???

  • Lorne Carter on

    As great as it was for Rush, it probably sealed Kiss not getting in. Booing the President of the HOF? Heckling the great Quincy Jones? If Rush fans were that boisterous they Rock in Roll Hall of Fame is going to have night sweats imagining what would happen if the Kiss Army was to invade the ceremony.

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: do your self a favor. Just skip the pop acts and put Kiss, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in next year and get it out of the way.

  • Galactic Cowboy on

    I loved Alex’s speech. Classic!! Way to go Rush!

    • Eddie on

      Classic Alex. Really funny people and an honor to know. SO LONG overdue, better late than never!

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