KISS400 Gary Graff of Billboard reports:

With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony looming closer, neither KISS nor the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation seem ready to relax the entrenched positions that led to the group’s decision not to perform April 10th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

KISS, according to frontman Paul Stanley, is upset that the Rock Hall plans to induct only the group’s founding lineup and tells Billboard that discussions about subsequent members “was shut down as a non-starter.”

Nevertheless, Stanley says KISS feels that honoring the other six musicians who have played in the band is “a very valid argument considering that there are people who played on multi-platinum albums and played for millions of people and were very important for the continuation of the band. And clearly when you’ve got a busload of Grateful Dead (members) who have been inducted and guys in the Chili Peppers who nobody knows who they are because they played on the very earliest albums are inducted…The list goes on and on of the inconsistencies. Now, I’m not pointing fingers at any of those people, but I’m certainly pointing a finger at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The only consistencies are inconsistencies and the rules clearly are there are no rules because the criteria for how and who gets in is purely based upon a personal like or dislike. And when I feel we’re being treated unfairly, I have issues with that.”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation CEO Joel Peresman says that the decision about who to induct from any band is made by the Rock Hall’s nominating committee as well as an adjunct group of “scholars and historians” familiar with specific inductees and genres. “This isn’t chemistry or physics; it’s not an exact science,” Peresman acknowledges. “Sometimes there’s an entire body of work up until (the artists) are inducted, other times it’s a specific period of time that established the band as who they are. With KISS there wasn’t one person here who didn’t agree that the reason Kiss was nominated and is being inducted was because of what was established in the ’70s with Ace (Frehley), with Peter (Criss), with Paul and Gene (Simmons). That’s what put them on that map.”

Peresman adds that KISS “is a unique situation where you have artists who wear makeup as part of what the band’s about,” but the Rock Hall felt that the later members — including current guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer, who are wearing Frehley and Criss’ makeup, respectively — “are fine musicians who…basically have the same makeup and are the same characters that Ace and Peter started. It’s not like they created these other characters with different makeup and playing different songs. They took the persona of characters that were created by Ace and Peter.” Persman notes that last year Heart was in a similar position, where the Rock Hall chose to induct the original ’70s sextet and not later musicians that played in the band.

But Stanley feels the situation with KISS is a bit more personal. “That it’s 14 years on (of eligibility) and we’re getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a clear indication that the people who hide behind that moniker don’t like us, but it reached a point where it was so absurd and ludicrous (to exclude Kiss) that they caved,” he says. “It’s like them swallowing a teaspoon of medicine they don’t want. It’s a bitter pill for them to swallow, so they’re making it as small as possible.”

Stanley says that the Rock Hall asked KISS to perform as the original quartet, in make-up, but he and Simmons — who have been playing with three-time KISS member Singer again since 2002 and Thayer since 2004 — were not confident the performance would be up to standard. “Honestly, I don’t want to roll the dice and possibly negatively impact on what I personally have been involved in building for 40 years,” he explains. “I have too much invested at this point. It really is a can of worms that I feel is better off left closed.” Peresman, meanwhile, says the Rock Hall has no plans for a performance stand-in for Kiss at the ceremony. “We have other artists, other inductees showing up and performing when they can,” Peresman says. “We’re very hopeful that Ace and Peter and Paul and Gene come and accept their award. We’re obviously honored to have them inducted.”

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  • bigsled on

    What ” great ” body of work that inspired 1000’s and 1000’s of musicians to start a music career, did thayer and singer create ?
    Who has gotten Thayer and Singer tatoo’s ?
    Thats what I thought ! lol

    • Bob Esssrin on

      That silence is not a lack of answers for your questions. It’s a disdain for your callow posts.

  • Rich on

    Good for you Joel. Well said. Let me see, Paul, you wanted Tommy and Eric inducted but because the Hall wouldn’t cave to your tantrums and aggression, so you decided to continue to be the ultimate drama queen by refusing to play with Ace & Peter. See Paul, adults don’t act like that when they don’t get what they want. You, as a musician for Kiss, are used to getting what you want and are not very diplomatic when the results don’t go your way, are you? For all that is said about Ace and Peter, I haven’t heard a single gripe or demand other than being very disappointed about you trying to punish them because you didn’t get what you want. BTW, your live twitter responses calling people “morons” for expressing their opinions on the hall are disgusting. Like Joel, the induction isn’t physics, so live with their decision and stop being a sore loser.

    • Cali on

      I agree. Both Gene and Paul have behaved like brats on Twitter.

      Paul and Gene both will tell people that they’re morons, idiots, go to hell, f— off, losers, and whatever other slurs they can think of.

      Even if people on Twitter are trolling them, in my opinion they should just ignore it. By answering rudely and calling people names, it really brings them both down to a new low…. low class.

  • Sean on

    Total bullshit argument. All members should be in. There is no justification for it, sorry. Hearing that explanation from Joel Peresman I am now convinced he is just messing with them. Because any explanation he gives is trumped by previous inductees. Why did the Chili Peppers early members go in? And I’m not talking Jack Irons who was a around for multiple albums and tours.
    Eric Carr came in and wore his own makeup, created his own persona, and kept the band going.
    Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer have been in the band for very long stretches. Sorry, you need to put them all in.

    • Bob C. on

      Sean how many classic Kiss songs did either Bruce, Tommy, or Eric Singer/Carr write? Go away!

  • Rosie on

    Working as personal bodyguard (77-80) was a trip. Gene would fire peeps at the drop of a hat. When he screwed up, everyone was wrong, in his eyes.. $ is all Gene is about and Paul just goes along.. They should all be there or be square. Gene, get a grip and stop being a pu–y!!

    • fat lando on

      Rosie, would know šŸ™‚

  • rob on

    Ed says Paul and Gene made them dress, impersonate, act and play in the confines of what someone else created.

    i dont know what your thinking but Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer are not impersonating Ace and Peter.
    All they are doing is wearing The Space and Catman makeup. You really think Eric Singer is trying to play like Peter Criss?? LOL Eric and Tommy dont move or act like Ace and Peter at all. Once again Ed Trunk comes out with WRONG information!!!

    • Dana on

      I know I am going to rue the day I ever made this statement (lol), but from an outsider looking in with no vested interest, it appears to me that there is no difference between the current line up of KISS and a tribute band, except for now, the tribute band contains two original members.

      As Simmons has admitted in the press, at some point both he and Stanley will retire. He stated that they plan to “franchise” their images, allowing the band to continue on without any original members, and therefore in essence, creating an “official” KISS tribute band.

      Just my two cents, I expect the flaming to start in 3…2…1..

      Dana from šŸ™‚

    • Rick on

      Dana, as a diehard Kiss fan with a VERY vested interest (I own the pinball machine, for cryin’ out loud), you are absolutely CORRECT about the current “Kiss” just being a tribute band. I stopped following the current incarnation the second they made the decision to have the new guys copy Peter and Ace, as it went against everything I felt the band was about: a celebration of individuality. These were originally personas representing the people behind them, and now they’re just “characters” that anyone can play. All they represent now is a corporation, like Mayor McCheese represents McDonald’s. Thinking about it, though, there’s one thing I’d disagree with Eddie about: while I think it’s wrong for the hall to exclude everyone but the original line-up, I do think it’s okay to pick and choose among the rest. Clearly, Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick contributed far more than Mark St. John, who just played lead guitar on (most) of one album and barely played any live shows with them. I’d also exclude Thayer, because as so many others have pointed out, he just copies Ace and doesn’t have an original bone in his body. I think the inductees should be Stanley, Simmons, Criss, Frehley, Carr, Vincent, Kulick and Singer (the latter for his early 90s non-makeup work with the band). Just my two cents, I guess…

    • Dana on

      Thank you, Rick, for your mature and composed response.

      Dana šŸ™‚

    • DR on

      You’re going down Dana!

    • Dana on

      LOL!!! At least you were intelligent enough to answer with a somewhat tounge-in-cheek retort, DR šŸ™‚

      D šŸ™‚

    • Bob Esssrin on

      Dana, have you even seen Kiss in concert? In any version? If not, zip your pie hole!!!

    • Dana on

      Hey “Bob,” “Abner Devereaux,” and your many other personas on this site,

      I have tried to be nice to you, both on the site and off, but it seems there is no reasoning on a mature level with a knucklescraper and a s-stirrer.

      Not that I owe you an explanation, but yes, I did see KISS live once on their reunion tour in ’96 at MSG. The only reason I went was because I got duped into thinking this was a farewell reunion tour, and as a rock fan, not necessarily a KISS fan, I naively thought that this would be my only opportunity to see the original line-up. In addition, I own one album, Creatures of the Night, which I have had for decades and I am an Eric Carr fan.

      I am entitled to my opinion as much as anyone, and quite frankly, are surprised by level of immaturity shown by you and some other KISS trolls on here. The amount of drama surrounding this band makes some WB shows looks masculine. As a woman, I am embarrassed and ashamed by a cross section of men fighting over this like a group of pre-pubescent teens fighting over a pair of Justin Beiber’s underwear, meow.

      Remember, I have a nice trash button that I can use on your comments anytime I wish, so I suggest you start showing Eddie, myself and the other posters on this site some respect or your piehole will shut permanently, commprendez-vous? Or would you prefer that I send you this message in a language you might better understand like pictographs?

      Finally, I would like to apologize to everyone else for my somewhat snide tone. I really try to be fair, and conduct myself like a lady both online and in my life, but sometimes the posters seem to make that a difficult task.

      If you have an issue with something that I have posted, please feel free to e-mail me. I really don’t think the comments section on this site is the appropriate place for public mudslinging.

      Dana from šŸ™‚

    • DR on

      Now I think I’m in love.

    • Dana on

      LOL! šŸ˜‰

      D šŸ™‚

    • Bryan on

      I bet Dana is freaking smokin hot!!!!!!! Very sexy Dana!!!

    • Dana on

      I still have a nice luxurious thick head of hair, does that count Bryan? LOL!!! Thank you for the compliment šŸ™‚

      D šŸ™‚

    • John Gross on


      That might be the most intelligent, well reasoned thought posted since all this stuff happened. Have nothing but mad respect for what both you and Eddie do for rock fans all over the world. There are many more of us who are Kiss fans but don’t drink the Kool Aid Gene and Paul have been serving. They are acting like spoiled kids over this. Pentending to be Peter doesn’t speak to Eric’s ability as a drummer. Tommy pretending to be Ace doesn’t speak to his talent as a guitarist. Just means they collect a paycheck for pretending every night. Its their right. The last two cds Kiss released didn’t sell. The fans aren’t buying what they are selling and for the second huge tour in a row, they will have to take a band that still draws, Def Leppard (like Motley Crue in 2012) to get fans to come out. And it will be the same result, Kiss will get destroyed much like they did in 2012. It is over for them. Just the facts, BTW Monster is worst Kiss CD EVER

      Rock on Dana and Keep the Faith,


    • Dana on

      Thanks for the very kind words John, it means a lot to me šŸ™‚

      All my best,
      Dana šŸ™‚

    • Cali on

      I agree- though good musicians Tommy and Eric are hired hands. Geesh, Eric even wears Peter’s hair…. that is a tribute to the original members.

    • George on

      No flames here Dana…two questions for you and Eddie… 1. If Eric Carr had not died I believe the originals would never have reunited, what do you think? 2. If Kiss had not continued on after Ace and Peter left and there was no unmasked era, would they be inducted into the RRHOF? I’m not sure of my answer but I say yes…just asking and EDDIE I WANT YOUR ANSWERS TOO!! Come on man this is good banter for TMS TOO..haha!! Thanks Dana…

    • Eddie on

      I LOVED Eric Carr, but Kiss was struggling hugely. THAT is why the reunion happened! NO band reunited if it means LESS people. Younger fans have no clue how bad off Kiss was for a long time as a draw with any lineup.
      For sure they would still go in. This is all about the 70’s when they were the biggest band in the world!

    • George on

      Thanks…good point on reunion probably still happening…I’ve seen the light…

    • Dana on


      I have to profess that my knowledge of KISS is limited to the small experiences that I previously wrote about, plus seeing the Animalize concert on VHS, where Mr. Carr performed a butt kicking rendition of Young and Wasted. So, I don’t think that I possess enough knowledge to properly answer your questions, so I defer to Eddie. However, I do think KISS might have made it in eventually, even if there was no unmasked era, because many other bands have cited them as an influence. But, who knows? Deep Purple is still awaiting induction and they were very influential.

      Also, in the future, if you should ever want to pick my brain about Judas Priest or John Sykes, I think I am a bit more qualified to answer those types of inquiries-LOL!

      But, I thank you very much for thinking of me.

      All my best,
      Dana šŸ™‚

    • Bob Esssrin on

      Right on the money, Rob

    • Bob C. on

      So then Bob what you are saying is Tommy wrote all those great leads he plays every night?

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