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  • T-Bone on

    Congrats Eddie, I believe you’ve officially made it to the big time.

  • sar305 on

    Tony Clifton, Darryl Hall, Dustin Hoffman, Liza Minnelli, Uncle Vester, the Puerto Rican Eddie…they all came out to show their love and appreciation for the Metal Maestro. But seriously, where’s Eddie’s other hand in that Lita pic? She seems to be giving him the Siskel and Ebert sign of approval…

  • BT on

    Looks like a good time was had by all!

  • Dave Sams on

    Gene and Paul play rock & roll, but Ace and Peter PERSONIFIED IT! Let me go, rock & roll!

  • James on

    Congrats Eddie!!!! Love ya man! Hope your here 30 years from now because I’m sure the music will suck 30 times worse than pop music now, so we’ll need you here to play the good stuff!!! Again, congratulations man and thanks so much for what you do!!!!!

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