Ozzy Osbourne has released a new single, Degradation Rules. The song, which features a guest appearance by his Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi, is taken from Ozzy’s forthcoming new album, Patient Number 9, which will arrive on September 9th. The title track, featuring a guest appearance by legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, was made available last month. Artist and comic book creator Todd McFarlane directed the music video for the song.

To read more details about Osbourne’s forthcoming release, and to hear the title track, Patient Number 9, please click here.

As previously reported, Osbourne will also be appearing at the San Diego Comic Convention(Comic-Con International) on July 22nd. For further details on this special event, please go here.

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5 Responses

  1. Best thing I’ve heard from Ozzy in a while – can’t think why (*Checks notes….Tony Iommi is on guitar.)

    Well that explains it then!!

    I also like the humorous lyrics

  2. So far I have heard 2 songs from this new piece of work by OZZY. AND I AM JUST BLOWN AWAY!!! Both songs are great! I love how the drums really works on this new song here. We should all be thankful to hear something new from OZZY!

  3. Patient #9 is a good song. A good Andrew Watt song but not a good Ozzy song. Now this new track with Iommi sounds more like Black Sabbath than solo Ozzy but I’ll take it. The lyrics are hilarious! If the rest of this album sounds more like this than patient #9 I will be pleased.

  4. I’m still not hearing anything that speaks to me. I found the harmonica usage interesting but i would rather have Iommi filling those parts. Doesn’t sound like Sabbath to me. This and Patient #9 are okay but nothing special to these ears. I really wanted to like this song a lot. Dana, what are you thinking here?

    1. Thank you so much for asking for my opinion, I am flattered.

      Also, I don’t know if I ever told you, but you are named after my favorite video (and DLR songs). To this day, the opening of that clip makes me laugh..”Cam I help you??” LOL!!

      But, I digress, I agree with your assessment, it’s okay. I think the last great Ozzy record was No More Tears. However, I do like this song much better than Patient #9, which I don’t care for, at all. Also, the harmonica reminds me of The Wizard.

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