Mark September 9th on your calendar as the release date for Patient Number 9, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy®-winning singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne’s new album and the first since his critically acclaimed, worldwide, chart-topping 2020 Ordinary Man release.
The album’s self-titled first single and video have been released worldwide today (June 24).  Watch the Todd McFarlane-directed video below.
“Having worked with Ozzy in the past, I jumped at another opportunity to do so again…especially on the music side this time,” Todd McFarlane says. “In the harsh business called the music industry, any creative person who’s sustained a multi-decades career has shown the skill, talent and tenacity that will always garner my admiration. Ozzy has shown many of us creative folks that it’s indeed possible to make a living doing what you love for nearly an entire lifetime. Go, Ozzy.”
Patient Number 9 was written by Ozzy, producer Andrew Watt, Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith and Ali Tamposi and features a riveting solo from legendary guitarist Jeff Beck (one of the notable guest stars on the album, additional details below). The video marks the first collaboration from the project with Emmy-and Grammy-winning director/producer Todd McFarlane. It is highlighted by McFarlane’s signature illustrations interspersed with live Ozzy vignettes in the role of Patient Number 9, which the revolutionary creative force in the world of comics and toys also filmed. In addition, this is the first-ever video to incorporate Ozzy’s artwork: his hand-drawn demons were animated and can be seen during the Jeff Beck solo in the song.
Produced by Andrew Watt (who handled the same duties on Ordinary Man) and set for release on Epic, the new album marks Osbourne’s 13th solo studio album. It’s heavy, it’s hard-hitting, it’s historic–it’s everything you’d want from an Ozzy Osbourne record and maybe more.
Working with producer Watt for the second time, Ozzy welcomed a dynamic A-list supporting cast. The record boasts guitarists Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, and longstanding right hand man and six-string beast Zakk Wylde who plays on the majority of the tracks. For the bulk of the album, Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers held down drums, while the late Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters made an appearance. Old friend and one-time Ozzy band member Robert Trujillo of Metallica plays bass on most of the album’s tracks, with Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses and Chris Chaney of Jane’s Addiction supplying bass on a few songs. For the first time ever, Black Sabbath co-founder, guitarist, and riff-lord Tony Iommi appears on an Ozzy solo album.
An exclusive version of Patient Number 9 with a limited-edition special McFarlanedesigned comic book will be available for preorder; a limited-edition comic with foil cover is also available with a special deluxe box. Both can be pre-ordered here. Pre-order Patient Number 9 here.

Ozzy Osbourne on Patient Number:

Q: This is your first album to be released after the pandemic. What was going through your mind during the early days of the pandemic and are any of those feelings reflected in these songs?
Ozzy: Well, I was vaccinated and boosted and I still caught Covid in the end. My last album (Ordinary Man) was released just a few weeks before the pandemic started, and I was just about getting ready to go into the studio to work on this new one when the world shut down. It’s no secret that the last four years have been very difficult for me but making this album took my mind off of my problems.
Q: The album features some players with whom have history. What was it like to be reunited with Tony Iommi musically?
Ozzy: It was really great working with Tony. He’s the riff master. No one can touch him in that respect. I only wish we had these songs for Black Sabbath’s 13 album.
Q: Zakk contributes a lot on this album–how was the decision made to have him play since he didn’t play on the last album?

Ozzy: Zakk is part of my family and always will be. The album needed that weight that his playing provides. He just came in and really sorted things out.

Q: ell us about the first single, Patient Number 9, which features Jeff Beck. What do you feel he has contributed to the song?

Ozzy: The song is about a mental institution. Having someone like Jeff Beck play on my album is just incredible, a total honor. There’s no other guitar player that plays like him and his solo on Patient Number 9 is just jaw-dropping

Patient Number 9 track listing:

1.  Patient Number 9 (feat. Jeff Beck)
2. Immortal (feat. Mike McCready)
3. Parasite (feat. Zakk Wylde)
4. No Escape From Now (feat. Tony Iommi)
5. One Of Those Days (feat. Eric Clapton)
6. A Thousand Shades (feat. Jeff Beck)
7. Mr. Darkness (feat. Zakk Wylde)
8. Nothing Feels Right (feat. Zakk Wylde)
9. Evil Shuffle (feat. Zakk Wylde)
10. Degradation Rules (feat. Tony Iommi)
11.  Dead And Gone
12.  God Only Knows
13.  Darkside Blues

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9 Responses

  1. Not digging the autotune. The music is ok but it sounds like this album is going down the same path as Ordinary Man. Andrew Watt was spectacular on guitar with California Breed. Not sure if he is playing on this song but he did produce Ordinary Man and I believe this album. Personally, a guy who works with Machine Gun Kelly is probably not a good fit to work with Ozzy. I commend Ozzy for still putting out records this late in his life. But being realistic, looking at his solo catalogue, this isn’t exactly going out on top. As a big fan of Ozzy and Black Sabbath, in years past I would’ve pre-ordered this record at 12:01 A.M. last night like I did for the new King’s X album 3 Sides Of One! However I need to hear more before committing. If it’s essentially Ordinary Man part 2 I’m afraid I will not buy it. But Zakk is on a handful of songs along with Iommi so there is hope!

    1. RPS,

      I completely agree with your comment.

      I know Osbourne is trying to stay current, and appeal to a new generation of fans (such as his collaboration with Post Malone), but he should return to his roots.

      If he is still willing to work with him, Ozzy should rehire Bob Daisley immediately.

    2. I agree, the music is ok, but the autotune sucks, as does the video! Overall not really a good song. Too many of our heroes are trying too hard to stay “current,” hence bringing in rappers and crap like that, f–k that sh-t! Just stay real and true! Is it really worth the risk of alienating your lifelong fans who have been there for you your whole career just to gain a few new fans?? I don’t think so.

  2. I keep hearing a little bit of “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” I like the song. I first heard it on Sirius XM Ozzy’s Boneyard during his show. Hearing him talk, I can hear some thing is wrong with his voice, probably from the Parkinson’s he has. The song sounds good, like Ozzy, but listening to him on his show, you gotta wonder. Now we have to cherish everything that comes from him, because it may be the last you’ll get, I don’t see him ever touring again.

    1. Well said Charles! I like this song. The bass I had to turn down a little on my computer speakers for this song. It was just drowning out the song. I am interested in what else is on this release. June 1984 Ozzy with Ratt and Motley Crue opening up for him. I dont think I will ever experience 3 great bands at the top of their game again. Too bad Jake Lee didnt play on a couple of the new songs.

  3. Hmm…I wonder what Randy would think of this?? I’m still a fan, and I understand why, a lot of production help going on for the great OZZ man.

  4. I doubt Ozzy even knew the melody for the song. I’m sure ProTools was used to synch the vocals to the correct pitch.

    With the current state of his health, Ozzy needs to retire and enjoy his years….by getting rid of his wife who keeps trying to ride the “gravy train”.

  5. Dear Dana,

    Yes I agree about Bob Daisley. I’m not good at naming producers but certainly Ozzy needs someone more affiliated with his roots and not Andrew Watt. My buddy and I went on a walleye charter to Lake Erie today and we were listening to Ozzie’s boneyard and Patient #9 came on. I’ve heard it 3 or 4 times now. We were like what is this with the synthesizers and autotune? It’s just bizarre sounding for Ozzy. I will also say that Ozzy has been extremely fortunate to have been surrounded by some of the greatest guitar players and song writers to ever have walked the face or the earth.

    1. RPS,

      Again, I completely agree, I always said either Ozzy, himself, or Sharon, has an incredible knack for picking the extraordinary talent that surrounds him.

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