Singer Ozzy Osbourne hasn’t completely given up on the chance of [original drummer] Bill Ward returning for Black Sabbath’s final show – even though the drummer himself has ruled it out.

The pair became embroiled in a war of words following Ward’s departure from the band’s reunion in 2012, and he later accused the vocalist of having created an “impassable dilemma.”

Black Sabbath are currently on their farewell world tour with Ozzy’s percussionist, Tommy Clufetos. The road trip ends with two dates in their home city of Birmingham, UK, in February.

Earlier this month Ward said it was “incorrect” to suggest he’d make a return.

Ozzy tells Rolling Stone, “Right now I’m having a blast. I suppose I may have a different head on when we do the last show. I used to resent going out on the road, but now it’s fun. Nobody gets stoned, nobody gets drunk. We’ve been doing some great shows.”

He continues, “I’m sad that Bill never came through. Every time I reach out to Bill I get yelled at for something.”

Asked whether Ward will make an appearance in Birmingham, he says, “I don’t know. If something can be worked out, great. Tommy is doing a great job.”

Osbourne has already outlined plans to make another solo album once Black Sabbath end their career, although wife and manager Sharon has said he’ll retire in the near future, adding, “I don’t want Ozzy singing Crazy Train at 75.”

He says, “I’m going to continue solo. I don’t know if I want to tour extensively much more, bit I’ll still keep my fingers in the pie. As for singing Crazy Train at 75, we’ll see.”

But he’s determined not to follow the recent trend of recording a country music album, like Aerosmith counterpart Steven Tyler.

“Not me, thank you,” he declares. “I think you should stick to what you know best. If Steven’s having a good time with it, who am I to complain? But it would be absurd for me to do that. I don’t mind country – but the Prince of Darkness with a cowboy hat? I’m a rock n’roller, not a f–king country bumpkin.”

additional source: Classic Rock via teamrock.com

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    1. Tasker,

      Great memory, you’re absolutely correct. 🙂

      I believe that video was based on the popular TV show, Dallas. I remember the Ozzy Oil sign and his frosted, long blond, permed hair, under the Cowboy hat. I think he was wearing either lizard, or alligator, skin cowboy boots, as well.

      D 🙂

    2. I still have that video on my VHS tape, THE ULTIMATE OZZY! It’s the last song on the video, right after “Paranoid.” Ozzy is frigging hilarious in that video! And looks so silly with that cowboy hat on, LOL! 😉 Great concert performances the 3 videos from THE ULTIMATE SIN kick ass! 🙂 Also, Randy Castillo’s drum solo during “Secret Loser” is the highlight for me!

    3. That’s great Dana. I forgot about the whole Dallas theme….good times back in 86′. One of my favorite post Randy Albums. That was Ozzy’s Striesand-Minnelli era

  1. Heading north into WA for the Last Sabbath on Sept. 13. Ozzy’s drummer is busier than Ward, more like a Keith Moon with the fills, but Ward was always the sludge master. I hope Bill takes the stage in Birmingham, perhaps for “Children of the Grave” or “War Pigs.”

    I may be behind the new cycle here, but didn’t Ozzy and Sharon split? Does she still manage his career?

  2. At this point in their careers, I don’t understand why the band can’t play, even a few shows, together. We don’t know the details about Bill’s health, “unsignable contract”, whatever….This is the original lineup of the first band that many say created heavy metal and a whole new genre of music. Hey, I get….egos come into play, money, health, skills, etc…But if Tony can tour while fighting for his life in his cancer battle, then these guys should realize they have been blessed with life, and life is short and it should not be left with regret.

    If you adore your fans as you all claim, then you should reconcile and play together for these same fans who have pledged allegiance to you during your Sabbath careers. With the tour winding down, and it being a success even without Bill Ward on drums, I think the ball is essentially in Bill’s court to decide if he wants to play or not. Bill does not have any leverage at this point. This shouldn’t be an “unsignable contract” issue for Bill at this point in the tour. In my opinion, Bill simply has a bruised ego and can’t get over it.

    Come on guys, with Tony’s health scare and the recent passing of some music icons, you all should realize life is a gift. Don’t let this gift just slip away….

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