geofftate'soperationmindcrime2-640 Operation: Mindcrime have released a video for their track Burn from the band’s frothcoming debut album The Key, which will be released on September 18th through Frontiers Music.

Tate says, “We’ve thrown out the rules for this record, and it’s been really liberating. I’m a fan of old prog, and that music didn’t stick to rules. It’s inspiring and enjoyable to be able to explore, and it’s great being in a position to write without constraints.”

Watch the video for Burn below.

See the video for Re-Inventing The Future at this location and to read more about this release and view the track listing, please click here.


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  1. I like this, and the other song he released a week ago (forgot the name)… Enough like Queensryche to be recognizable, but enough newer sounding to keep it interesting…I liked the last Queensryche album to some extent with the new singer too. I don’t get all the hate for any artist who doesn’t give us the same tired contrived crap…doesn’t mean everyone has to like it, but some of the comments are just absurd.

  2. I didn’t pick sides. I like this song, I believe the the guitarist and bassist make the song sound great, I think I will like this CD, I liked the other song also Re-Inventing the Future. I can get that people like to argue which is better..blah blah blah, take it for what it is.

  3. I like this song and it will play good live in an intimate setting .I can see it being played in between classic Queensryche songs.Rates voice still sounds strong.

    1. Oh trust me it’ll be played in an intimate setting…..say a club with about 10 people in it including the band.

    2. Hey Mike, where are Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy these days? I never hear about either one of them these days.

      Were you a bigger fan of Nancy Drew?

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