Bassist Nikki Sixx has predicted that the former members of Motley Crue are unlikely to spend any time with each other in the future, adding that they’re “not enemies but not friends.”

His comments appear in the band’s concert movie The End, shot during their farewell show in Los Angeles in December.

Drummer Tommy Lee said last month that he, Sixx, Vince Neil and Mick Mars had gone their separate ways after the show without saying goodbye to each other, and that he hadn’t spoken to Sixx or Neil since.

In The End Sixx says, “We probably won’t see each other. We don’t hang out now. We go on stage like motherf–kers but we don’t hang out. We’re not enemies, but we’re not friends. I’ll probably never see them, except in passing.”

Neil shares similar thoughts. “The politics of being in a band shouldn’t be as tough as it is,” he says. “The hardest part of being in Motley Crue is being in Motley Crue.

I don’t know if other bands of our stature go through some of the crap that we go through. That’s the tough part – being onstage and doing that stuff, that’s the easy part.”

Lee recently told Rolling Stone he hasn’t heard from his bandmates since their last show. “I haven’t spoken to Vince Neil or Nikki Sixx,” he said. “I speak to [guitarist] Mick Mars a lot. He’s actually working on some new stuff, and I’m really happy for him. I think Nikki unfollowed me on Twitter, like, the next day. I was like, ‘Wow. Okay dude.'”

The End will be screened in selected cinemas on June 14th, with a DVD release expected later. For more information about this event, and where to screen the movie, please click here.

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  • RTunes68 on

    Ohh! I’m crushed! I thought Motley Crue (and all other bands) really were best friends and did everything together all the time. I was certain that when they entered a room, they would even strike poses as a group like they did in their publicity shots. So if I’m to believe Nikki Sixx, then that means that grown men in their 50s don’t hang out all the time with the same people they did when they were in their 20s. They no longer live the same lifestyles or share the same interests. That’s it – Motley Crue sucks! So does KISS, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, AC/DC, Guns & Roses….

    • Dana on

      Well call me naive, but what I ascertained from what I read, and posted, Lee seemed disappointed that their relationships are so fractured. No one ever said they had to be best friends, but Tommy sounded upset that the do not even appear to be civil acquaintances.

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Nice to get some straight up honesty about the dysfunction in the group. Not a big surprise. Makes me think of METALLICA and if they’re the same way. Great bands, though.

    • Michael B on

      I think there are bands that get along great over the years, look at Rush, but it’s only 3 guys. I think maybe there’s that weird fantasy people have growing up that bands all hangout together and are best buds 24/7.

      I’ve been in enough bands to know that the core issues most bands have is immaturity and ego, and age really isn’t a factor with that. I just always wanted to play, and never got into the animosity, nor did I understand it. Sometimes the conflict makes magic, see Van Halen, sometimes it blows everything up.

  • DR Is Live on

    Hard to be friends with a self absorbed social media whore like Sixx, or his drunk driving/woman beating singer Vince Meal.

    • Michael B on

      BOOM! Well, ya, Sixx is all over the place, and Vince doesn’t turn down a cocktail, or buffet apparently.

  • robert davenport on

    I don’t really care at all … but what I want to know is.. where can I get that lampshade mars is wearing? it would look great in my living room!

  • PJ Schwackhammmer on

    My wife chaperoned a bunch of young cancer patients that the Crue guys met with before a show about 5 years ago. Total credit on the band for doing that, let’s get that out up front. But one of the conditions for the meet was that not one of them would be in the same room with any other member of the band at the same time.

    So again, genuine kudos for doing something they didn’t have to do and cheering up some very sick kids, but no illusions as to whether that was a “band” in any meaningful sense for about the last 20 years. (No skin off my nose, I always thought they were garbage musically.)

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