Gary Graff of Billboard reports:

It’s been five months since Mötley Crüe said farewell — to the stage, at least. But the now on-ice group’s members are happy that its final show, a New Year’s Eve blowout at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, is hitting the big screen.

“It’s beautifully done,” bassist Nikki Sixx tells Billboard about The End, which screens for one night only nationwide on June 14th in front of a presumed home video release.

“I’ve seen it mixed and color corrected and, wow, that was a trip to sit in my couch and watch the band I’ve put 35 years into play its last show,” says drummer Tommy Lee.

…The Mötley men have continued to go their own ways since their final bows. Sixx is on the road with his band Sixx:A.M., while Neil is touring as a solo act. Mars, meanwhile, is working on a new album with John Corabi, who replaced Neil from 1992-97. And Lee is just starting to work on his own music again. “My plan was to take a year off, and that’s not working out so well,” he says with a laugh. “Since last month I’ve been down to my studio writing and recording and being that guy. So, the plan lasted four months. I didn’t quite get to a year.”

The group members aren’t done with each other, however. “There’s a long list of things that are important for us to keep our legacy alive,” Sixx says. Chief among those is the long-awaited film adaptation of the 2001 band memoir The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, which has gone through several scripts and production deals. There’s no timeline on it yet, but Sixx and Lee are confident it will eventually see the light of day. “The movie is definitely going to be made here, shortly,” Lee says, while Sixx adds that, “I’ve heard different rumblings of stuff — somewhere like fall, maybe. The music business is complicated. The film business is slow and complicated.” What the Crue gets into beyond that project, however is anybody’s guess.

“There won’t be any new music or anything like that,” Lee says.

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  1. #1 Vince will be playing Motley songs until the wheel him out on a hospital gurney, so you’ll be hearing a second rate version of all the hits for years and years.

    #2 I can appreciate that Lee wanted to inject something different into the music.

    #3 I still think they would have been better off in the long run reinventing themselves with Corabi, rather than go backwards and write a bunch of second rate material with Vince, which it clearly was.

    I’m glad they wrapped it up. Vince was done a long time ago.

    1. I couldn’t agree more,besides micks bone issues all these guys are still on top of their game with exception of Vince…so bloated…and has NO breath control or range for singing.lose some weight dude. If he didn’t do it for last tour…why now?…so lame

    2. Fun fact, Motley was my first real rock concert, circa 1986 or so. I love Motley, always will, but when I saw them last time, it was a let down, and Vince just let himself go, physically and musically.

      Vince has already said he’d be playing Motley songs for his solo tours, because obviously his last successful solo album was in the 90’s.

      On an unrelated note, God do I miss the 80’s and even 90’s. What a crazy world.

    3. Yeah, I dont get Sixx am at all, more power to folks that do though.

      Personally, I think Mick was one of the best parts of Motley. He always had cool and unique riffs, and I’m looking forward to whatever he does with Corabi.

  2. i wish them well,they stopped while they still had dignity .good for them,thanks for the great times…looking forward to the big screen concert film on the 14th.

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