mr big picture640 Mr. Big are streaming another song from upcoming eighth album …The Stories We Could Tell due September 30th. The song entitled, The Monster In Me, can be heard below.

Mr. Big also released a audio stream for the song, Gotta Love The Ride, which can be heard here.

Mr. Big recently announced that Pat Torpey’s fill-in for the band’s upcoming World Tour will be Matt Starr Torpey was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

mr.bigthe storieswecouldtell640

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  1. Another pretty good tune from them! Gotta be tough for the drummer listening to this great stuff knowing he can’t play live. Hopefully Pat has meds that help him so he can get behind a kit on stage

  2. My brother was electrocuted once and he made the same face that old guy with the mustache is making. I wonder if the old guy crapped his pants to like my brother did. That was a horrible ride to the hospital. I was doing the Ace Ventura, trying to drive with my head sticking out of the window.

  3. UGH….Listen,I have a huge collection of music 50,000+ songs….That being said,I always search exhaustively for new and exciting music to get into..BUT REALLY…This song sucks…sorry to say it,Boring,No Hooks…Then I went back and listened to old Mr.Big…That was fresh and exciting..go check out ELECTRIFIED or even UNDERTOW from the last record…This is just pap…Billy should stick with Winery Dogs now with the real songwriting talents of RICHIE KOTZEN….The new SLASH and even the OPETH cd show life and promise for the current state of rock…I won’t bother giving this song a 2nd listen..

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