Kathianne Boniello of the New York Post reports:

Touring with Mötley Crüe left this pair of Big Apple rockers feeling rather pissy, they claim in a new lawsuit.

Logan and Roger Raskin, of the Manhattan group The Raskins, claim their “once in a lifetime” chance to open for the Crüe during a 2014 tour was sabotaged by months of hazing — including getting blasted with urine on stage.

At a stop in Darien, Conn., crew members ran out on stage in monkey masks and sprayed the Raskins “with water guns filled with urine,” the brothers claim in their $30 million Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

The Raskins also claim they were forced to play short sets in mostly empty venues after managers often refused to open the doors for shows; the public address system was turned off or interfered with during their shows; they weren’t allowed to sell merchandise or give them dressing rooms; and they were hit with heavy equipment.

The Raskins paid $1 million to join the tour and had a contract negotiated by Artist Group International, but it wasn’t honored, the rockers claim in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit which names Tenth Street Entertainment, AGI and other production companies.

Tenth Street, Artist Group International and the other defendants did not return messages.


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  • Frank T on

    I am not surprised. I’m sure this was all Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx. Ol’ Vince sure is living the dream after killing someone with his car while drunk.

  • PJ Schwackhammmer on

    They actually PAID a million dollars to open for those four idiots?

    Damn, if you’re that dumb, you deserve whatever you get.

  • J J on

    The above “Crue” pictures looks much like an “Adams Family” photo shoot. 80’s are gone boys n girls and bands trying to fit in / stay relevant with this “me” and “I” era is flat out embarrassing. 80’s hair bands / has beens, please fade away with some dignity, you all had more than you should have got in the first place.

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Should be interesting to see how this gets resolved. I suspect they’ll get paid off by the Crue if any of it’s real. Shame, rock n’ rollers of today just gotta roll with the punches and piss. Guess they can’t hang this, softer, caring, self-aware generation. They’d never survive a tour with Metallica, Ozzy or Pantera now would they?! Suck it up and drive on!!

  • Eddie on

    Who are they? They opened the Motley tour in 2014. No idea of the validity of their suit but it’s interesting… Some bands take money from bands to open vs paying them to play. Should be interesting to see how this plays out

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