roberttrujillo400 Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo is working on a documentary about musician Jaco Pastorius and is trying to raise funds through a Pledge Music campaign.

Trujillo posts on the page:

“Hola everyone,

Thanks for checking out our project. Jaco has always been a hero of mine and one of the reasons I play bass to this day. This film has been a project of love and passion for me. This amazing film has been four years in the making, and we need your help to get this film across the finish line!

Our film tells the story of Jaco Pastorius, a self-taught, larger than life musician who made an undeniable impact on music, and reinvented the electric bass; giving the instrument a powerful dynamic voice that had both edge and beauty.

We have assembled an offering of exclusives with PledgeMusic that reflect the documentary and draw upon some of Jaco’s friends and admirers. Pledge and become part of the journey of making this film a reality.

– Rob”

Produced by Metallica’s Robert Trujillo in association with Passion Pictures, the film includes some incredible insights from an array of artists (Flea, Joni Mitchell, Sting, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Geddy Lee, Bootsy Collins, Carlos Santana) as well as Jaco’s family, and friends. It unveils the story of his music, his life, his demise, and ultimately the fragility of great artistic genius.

To find out more about this project, and how to make a donation, please visit Pledge Music.

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  • James K. on

    I’m sorry, but it’s not cool for someone in one of the biggest bands on earth to openly solicit money from fans to make a documentary. There’s at least two guys in his own band that are two of the richest rock stars today, so he can beg them for some of their cash.

    • James Apple on

      We don’t know what has happened behind the scenes between Robert and the rest of the band as far as their contributions. So it may be premature to judge. I will say that one of the benefits of crowd funding projects is it provides instant feedback as to how much interest there is in a project, and gives, in this case, music fans the benefit in participating in the project. That sounds a little hollow if it doesn’t interest you, but I’ve participated in funding projects like this before. And I enjoy that I made a contribution in their creation. I find it very rewarding.

    • Michael B on

      Ah no. Robert has already explained that he is not in the same financial situation as the rest of the band members, and he spent a bunch of his own money on this project. Would you go to your co workers or friends to borrow a bunch of money? i wouldn’t. Furthermore, it’s not “begging” for money, it is the new way to finance projects. If you don’t like it, don’t contribute.

  • Michael Maisano on

    I would only agree with the above if it was just a pure donation, but in fact it is not. Robert is providing you with product, so in actuality you are purchasing the Jaco documentary on DVD for your donation. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. There are enough people out there who recognize the amazing contribution that Jaco made to music, even though his life came to a tragic end. I’m sure there are many people who will want to purchase this DVD as well. I’m happy that Robert took this project on, and I can’t wait to see the documentary. And yes, I made a pledge too.

  • John Alonzo on

    I agree on your comment James, to reach out to fans because he’s too cheap to finance it himself, why doesn’t he get Lars and James to pay for it. Very Low Class. Shame on you Robert Trujillo.

  • T on

    I wouldn’t want to meet Robert Trujillo in a dark alley,.. unless he was wearing a bass,.. and had a really good drummer with him,,. and some beer,…in which case I would reverse my position.

  • RandyK on

    Come on guys, Lars is broke. Remember? All of the fans stole Metallica’s music online. Now they can only make money by selling out stadiums.

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