Metallica2010pic2400pix On the heels of Metallica performing a new song The Lords of Summer in South America, the band have now posted “garage demo” version of new tune. Listen to it below.

Metallica are currently on the first part of their Metallica by Request tour.

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  • Mike on

    Digging the new song, hope it makes the new album..

  • metalmania on

    I think it’s decent, maybe could be trimmed down a bit – I kind of zoned out of it in the middle. But hey it’s a demo, and for that I’d say it’s promising. Still skewed towards the “old” Metallica style which is good. I liked Death Magnetic a lot, listen to it often. No, it’s not Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets but it was a return to form. I wish it were produced more like the Black album, but for Metallica 2008 I was happy with the songs. I’ve already seen on other sites people raining hate on this song and Metallica in general, “they suck now, James’ voice is shot, Kirk can’t play anymore, Lars can’t play anymore, they haven’t done anything good since Justice, they aren’t metal anymore, Death Magnetic isn’t metal, etc.”. Somebody’s probably going to post the same stuff here. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and I do prefer the old stuff, but I can’t fault them for trying to evolve. Deny all you want, but if they had made 10 “Master of Puppets” it would have gotten stale. I’m not saying Load through St. Anger was brilliant either, but at least they haven’t just recycled the same album over and over. They’re all about what, 50 years old now? Very few artists of any genre at this age sound just like they did in their 20’s, I won’t hold that against them. I can respect people not liking Death Magnetic or this new song, but to say it’s “not metal”? What the hell does that mean? Maybe it’s not the extreme metal by today’s standards but I’d still very definitely say it’s metal.

    • Frank W on

      When comparing to the 70s, 80s, 90s materials all the bands discussed on here have crappy material from the recent decade. that’s just the way it is, that’s what makes the “classic” material so great.
      All our beloved bands discussed on here are well over the hump.

  • Frank W on

    It sounds pretty cool. I would like it better if the lead guitar stood out in the mix a lot more.

  • DC on

    I like it! Been way too long since DM, which was a brilliant album and definitely a redeeming album for a band I wrote off after being a fan since 84 up until the gag-inducing St. Anger. Looking forward to what’s next from them.

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