Metallica Metallica will be releasing a soundtrack for their upcoming 3D movie, Metallica Through the Never on September 24th through the band’s own label, Blackened Recordings.

The two-disc soundtrack features 16 songs, including classics like For Whom the Bell Tolls and Master of Puppets, as well as newer songs like Fuel, all recorded at Rexall Place in Edmonton and Rogers Arena in Vancouver, where the band filmed the live footage featured in the movie.

While both the CD and digital versions will be available on September 24th, later in the fall, the soundtrack will also be released on vinyl on both 33 1/3RPM and 45RPM.

“Let’s hear it for the old school soundtrack!” said drummer Lars Ulrich. “Not only are we beyond psyched about our movie coming your way shortly, but the fact that we get to share the music directly in all these formats is way fuckin’ cool.”

Metallica Through the Never mixes concert footage with a narrative story, plus added CGI, and will open Sept. 27 on IMAX screens. It goes wide a week later.

“It’s like three movies in one,” frontman James Hetfield told Billboard in May. “So there’s a lot of different dynamics happening within this movie, and every time we go and see it and tweak here and there. It’s like putting a song together — only it’s a little more expensive. It’s pretty scary but it’s been something on our radar for awhile. It’s become more unique than we ever though it would.”

Metallica Through The Never (Music from the Motion Picture) track listing:

Disc 1:

1. The Ecstasy Of Gold
2. Creeping Death
3. For Whom The Bell Tolls
4. Fuel
5. Ride The Lightning
6. One
7. The Memory Remains
8. Wherever I May Roam
9. Cyanide
10. …And Justice For All

Disc 2:

1. Master Of Puppets
2. Battery
3. Nothing Else Matters
4. Enter Sandman
5. Hit The Lights
6. Orion


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  • John G on

    It’s too easy to make fun of these guys. I won’t go there… ha ha

    • don on

      you know its sad but true….

  • shawn on

    it’s funny how all you guys talk shit about them,but you still pay to go see them live,
    what a bunch of hippocrates .

    • DR on

      Sorry Shawn. I will stop talking shit about that little troll who can barely play his drum kit without his booster chair in a few minutes. After that I’ll stop talking shit about the spanish dude who looks like the native dude from Village people. After that I’ll stop talking shit about the guitar dude who has the bride of Frankenstein white streaks along the side of his hair while he is doing is Sears Catalogue ‘look far away’ pose like he’s too busy to look at the camera through his aviator sunglasses because he’s too cool for it. But can I still talk shit about the tall guy who finishes every line he sings with ‘yaaaaaa’? As in ‘you know its sad but true’yaaaaa. Or ‘oh please God wake meeeeeeyaaaaa’! Or ‘don’t forget my son, to included everyoneyaaaaa! Or ’till the sandman he comesyaaaa! If I can still talk shit about him and not the others, is that ok?

  • richman on

    I pay to see them live for the music and overpriced beer not to admire their looks. They do a great live show and this movie setlist are all great songs with variety.
    Also to the great Don from BEER $$$ thanks for introducing me to PALE HORSE it definitely fills the void left by TYPE O. The best TMS referral to date.

  • richman on

    Oh and 5 5 my ass. He looks like a representative of the Anti-Napster Lollipop guild. Lollipop guild. Lollipop guild.

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