KISS400 KISS have won the public poll for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next year.

Over 1,390,000 people voted over 16 nominees and Kiss drew 17.22% of those, a total of 239,417 people. Nirvana came second with 15.69% followed by Deep Purple (11.93%), Yes (10.88%), Hall And Oates (8.1%) and Peter Gabriel (7.97%).

But it doesn’t mean Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will be inducted – the fan choice only counts as one vote, with around 600 others to be placed by musicians, businessmen and commentators.

If they do make the grade, Simmons recently insisted founding members Ace Frehley and Pete Criss wouldn’t be invited to the ceremony in New York in April. He compared them to “cancer” and added, “How many chances in life to do you get? Those guys had three chances to be in the band. Three times they fucked it up.”

But Frehley later said, “There’s no way Gene can put a lid on it. I mean, what’s he gonna do?”

Meanwhile, guitarist Frehley’s New York home was seriously damaged in a fire over the weekend. No one was injured in the accident. Frehley is thought not to live in the building, which is instead inhabited by a caretaker, and was recently the subject of foreclosure action as a result of unpaid mortgage arrears.
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame public poll

1. Kiss: 17.22% / 239,417
2. Nirvana: 15.69% / 218,155
3. Deep Purple: 11.93% / 165,828
4. Yes: 10.88% / 151,238
5. Hall and Oates: 8.1% / 112,673
6. Peter Gabriel: 7.97% / 110,839
7. Linda Ronstadt: 6.13% / 85,252
8. Cat Stevens: 5.37% / 74,638
9. The Zombies: 3.94% / 54,764
10. NWA: 2.95% / 40,985
11. The Replacements: 2.26% / 31,490
12. LL Cool J: 1.92% / 26,740
13. Paul Butterfield Blues Band: 1.76% / 24,481
14. Chic: 1.32% / 18,395
15. Link Wray: 1.32% / 18,337
16. The Meters: 1.24% / 17,272


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  • Pete on

    I love Kiss but Gene needs to grow up. If they are inducted into the hall, its because of the work they did with the original members. If he doesnt want ace and peter coming, then Kiss doesnt need to go into the hall.

  • Doug on

    Man, make up already, Kiss is FINALLY going to get into the HOF and they are going to mess it all up by not taking the high road. Just invite all living members of the band to the stage. All have contributed to making this band great. And Gene and Paul, you can be the ones who accept the award and do the talking….the way you want it.

  • Ivan on

    I spoke to Peter about this back in October at a horror convention in Orlando.
    In his words ” it’s really up to Gene”. Peter knows what’s been said and he knows what the fans want, but it comes down to what the mouth of the band wants. My guess would be – Gene will do whatever makes the most noise.

  • Gus on

    KISS!!!!!! Im sure they will all play together.they might talk trash, but they are all brothers!!

  • Lee on

    Who’s the guy up there playin’ lead? Ace & Peter with a fast make-up thing backstage? No, that’s some guys paid not much but do a lot of heavy lifting for Gene & Paul named Tommy & Eric. Why are Ace & Peter not doing the numbers? Cause Gene thinks Ace & Peter are drunk losers not too mention he doesn’t want the public to see Ace & Peter making Eric & Tommy painted lookalike stooges not really the real Kiss, ask Eddie Trunk, he could do a half hour on it.

    • DR on

      Maybe they could all get on stage together and do a song from Destroyer. Then Tommy can teach Ace the solo that Bob Kulick did but Ace got the credit for.

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