Everyone take a deep breath…. My mistake, had much going on lately and simply forgot to include the Sabbath album in my Top 10. If you check now I have added it. Just an oversight. I do feel it’s a top 10 album of the year. As for all the other “no love for….”, it’s a top 10, it’s MY top 10. Not based on anything but what I personally liked. I never fake it to look cool, hip, or whatever, never! MANY other releases I enjoyed, but it’s a TOP 10. Feel free to post YOUR Top 10 in the comments. MANY more than what’s on my list have been played on my radio shows and will be featured in my Year In Review show 12/27 on Q104.3. Thanks.

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  • Scott on

    Caved like a house of cards he did. 🙂

  • David C. on

    Lol, well at least you know folks out here read what you put down in the Trunk Report…

  • michael s on

    alice in chains the devil put dinosaurs here should be up there as well

    • Eddie on

      Will be heard in my Year End radio special

  • Frank Smith on

    Your #1 couldn’t have been more correct. No disrespect to other artists and enjoyed many releases this year (some on your list), but its not even close. Start to finish, The Winery Dogs had the most complete album of the year.

  • gerry on

    dream theater,queensryche,five finger death punch 1,and 2 vol,sabbath,bullet for my valentine,rush/clockwork angels live,black label society/unblackened,metallica/live,all killer albums of 2013.must have for all metal/hard rock fans.oh,2014,dream theater,along for the ride tour,an evening with,so 2 and half hour prog rock show.should be a good year.eddie turn up the volume.ffdp

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