paulstanley400 KISS frontman Paul Stanley was recently a guest on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” where he discussed his former bandmates drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley implying that they carried “a lot of resentment” over the fact that some of the other members of the band were more “focused” and “driven” to succeed than they were, which ultimately led them to sabotage their careers.

“It’s very difficult to move forward when two of the people are, at times, like flat tires,” Stanley explained [as transcribed by Blabbermouth]. “It becomes more of a problem when their reason for being is to foil and to throw off track what you’re trying to do. So, at some point, it really became more about trying to disrupt what we were trying to do with no regard to whether or not what they wanted to do was right or wrong; they just wanted, ‘Let’s screw Gene [Simmons] and Paul. So we’ll say no, and they’ll say yes.’ So it really became very, very, very difficult.”

Stanley claimed that he was in favor of splitting the band’s finances evenly in the early years, but that things changed once Ace and Peter started putting less effort into the group, leaving Paul and Gene to take over. This, in turn, caused a rift between the bandmembers, necessitating a change in the group’s lineup.

When asked why he thinks Ace and Peter were seemingly so intent on working against their bandmates, Stanley said, “I think self-sabotaging comes into it, because, I think, that’s been something that’s run through parts of their lives. But I also think that there was a lot of resentment. And, honestly, I don’t believe in resenting people for what they can do that you can’t. if you’re lucky enough to have people around you who can do what you can’t, make them your best friend. Everybody can’t be the best at what they do, but you can benefit from being around those people. So, look, I never wanted or expected anybody in the band to do necessarily the same amount of work that I did, but I expected them to give a hundred percent. I was all for splitting things evenly in the original lineup of the band up until those guys departed the first time, but you have to give your best.”

He continued, “I think [our] focus and drive and determination and seeing the whole picture and wanting this to be as good as it could be, as opposed to falling back on, ‘It’s rock and roll.’ Well, rock and roll is no excuse for mediocrity, and rock and roll is no excuse for not doing your job. If somebody says, ‘Oh, my playing is rock and roll.’ No, that’s just bad. You know, there’s bad and then there’s rock and roll…Look, it’s a long time ago, and it’s kind of like talking about a girlfriend or wife you had a long time ago and trying to disseminate what went wrong. At some point it really doesn’t matter.”

Stanley says that ego clashes and disagreements over songwriting credits contributed to creating an unhealthy environment and he makes no apologies for taking charge of the group.

“I don’t know the mentality that wants to sabotage what ultimately benefits you,” Stanley said. “Look, if you’re in a band that’s doing great and you’re not the primary songwriter and the primary singer, well, you should revel in what you have. You know, the idea of equality… Some have to be more equal than others. Everybody can be in car together, but somebody’s gotta drive. We’re all going in the same direction. But when people reach the point of saying, ‘Well, I want an equal amount of songs.’ Well, do we leave off ‘Strutter’ so we can put your song on, or do we leave off ‘Detroit Rock City’? It doesn’t work like that. I don’t believe that there’s any birthright or that we should expect a quota in anything. We get what we deserve, and somebody has to decide that.”

He continued: “The key to a great band or any great situation is doing what’s best for the situation, not what’s best for you. I don’t have to be right, I just wanna see the right thing happen. So if you’re more tied up in the ego gratification or in the control factor… I honestly don’t mean to control anything, but I do have a point of view, and I guess I’ve earned my place at this juncture. But everybody gets a chance to state their views, and hopefully they are always with the best intentions, and I think that’s the way the band works now. We have a drummer [Eric Singer] who doesn’t like to take a solo, and this guy could play a better solo with one hand than most drummers could play with every limb of their body. So it’s all for one and one for all.”

In other KISS news, The Pulse Of Radio reports that “Love Gun: Deluxe Edition” will be made available on October 27th. The two-disc CD features the original 1977 album, along with a bonus disc featuring assorted demos and live tracks.

Vintage Vinyl describes the release as “the first disc includes a remastered version of the original album while disc two has demos, three live performances from a 1977 Lakeland, Florida concert and an interview with Gene Simmons. A rarity for any expanded edition of an album, the deluxe edition includes a glimpse into Paul Stanley’s creative process on Love Gun (Teaching Demo) with Stanley talking through the various chords of the song.”

Love Gun: Deluxe Edition track list:

Disc 1 (Original Album):

I Stole Your Love
Christine Sixteen
Got Love For Sale
Shock Me
Tomorrow And Tonight
Love Gun
Almost Human
Plaster Caster
Then She Kissed Me

Disc 2 (Demos, Interviews & Live)

Much Too Soon (Demo)
Plaster Caster (Demo)
Reputation (Demo)
Love Gun (Teaching Demo)
Love Gun (Demo)
Gene Simmons Interview (1977)
Tomorrow And Tonight (Demo)
I Know Who You Are (Demo)
Love Gun (Live 1977)
Christine Sixteen (Live 1977)
Shock Me (Live 1977)


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  • Paul's weave on

    It’s not drive, ambition nor talent that gene and paul have it’s greed that kept the BRAND kiss around the BAND KISS died around 77 thank paul for wanting to write disco songs and concept albums ,not Ace and Peter. Ace wanted to Rock and Roll

  • Lee on

    “Ace and Peter are totally done with them”. Whatta joke. Doc shows them the check they are in. One night at the MGM or 3 in 10 days shows in certain areas. Keep in mind Ace couldn’t pay his $15,000 tax bill a few years ago, money talks. Ace at Chillah, give him credit, he’s out there to say hi. Ask him if he’d take the dough on reunion stuff with a P&G signatured signed check from Doc. He’d blow off a brick bar in Scranton faster than ’89 grabbing a Miller chaser.

    • Joe in The Cuse on

      Lee says, “Ace and Peter are totally done with them”. Whatta joke. ———- uhh actually Lee….it isn’t any joke. Sorry little sailor boy but you’re a die hard fan, fan means FANATIC…which in turn you have all EMOTION and no common sense. I on the other hand have a word called PERSPECTIVE. Just read between the lines Lee and do a easy google search. You will find it. You’re dismissed from class Lee, lesson over.

    • Lee on

      I am not the sharpest tool in the shed obviously. I am beginning to adjust myself to the realization that Kiss 14 is just crap. I do miss Ace and Pete. Ace rocks, bought he cd today, just love it.

    • elliot on

      thank you joe in the cuse and lee for this abc afterschool special moment. heartwarming! your defecation to this site is appreciated.

    • Joe in The Cuse on

      As much I appreciate your own defecation to this site Elliot, great job kid ;)—-

  • harry regina on

    There is no such thing as Democracy, it occurs only in theory — eventually, from these youthful dreams of idealism and equality, leaders arise — those who contribute the most — There will always be leaders —

    • DR on

      Holy crap that was good!

    • guitarslinger on

      Leaders do not contribute the most, they profit the most because they are smart enough to make others do the dirty work thinking their work would be appreciated! THAT is why it is not a democracy, never, in a band or elsewhere, let alone in very succesfull one. Maybe Paul thinks he is a leader, certainly comes across like he would like to see himself as the only leader in KISS, at least he “designed” the Spider Stage … your decision if he is or not.

  • Tom on

    Here’s something else idiotic that Paul stated.He said the last 2 Kiss albums are the best albums Kiss has done since Destroyer.Now if they are so good,how come they are not playing one song off either album.Don’t get me wrong now,Say Yeah was a pretty decent song,but they aren’t even playing that one.Ace’s last 2 albums blow away both of the last 2 Kiss albums,period.So for someone who he claims doesn’t try as hard as he does,why does Kiss then keep putting out new music that is not good,except for that one song I mentioned above?One other thing I will bring up too is it is time for Eric and Tommy to have their own original makeup/costume/characters.I mean when Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent joined the band they weren’t put in Ace and Peter’s makeup/costume,they were given new ones.

    • Joe in The Cuse on

      Paul & Gene are trying to rekindle the magic from that they had with Ace and Peter and unfortunately for them it hasn’t and won’t ever happen with Eric & Tommy. Sonic Boom and Monster (imho) were 2 big time let downs. Quite possibly some of the worst musical input in any album in the “KISSTORY” catalog. And the obvious sign of it is when they toured after those CD’s they didn’t balance any of their shows around those 2 CD’s. The strongest lineup of post “KISS” is when Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick were in the band. Saw well over 40 shows with that lineup. Those albums were the focus on those tours. Gene and Paul are still trying to sell this current lineup to the fans as the legit “KISS” to younger generations…uhh NO! It is quite obvious that THAT is not happening. When you NEED Def Leppard and Motley Crue to support you that is a C L E A R sign that you as a band alone are not filling 6,000 seats. NUMBERS DON’T LIE, do a Google search yourself…it is all there.

    • elliot on

      righto, tom.
      “just say nah”


    I was a long time kiss fan but not anymore all 4 original members made the chemistry of their music and will never duplicate it with copy cat replacements Ace was truly the heart & soul of their sound listen to Aces new cd space invader is by far better than anything kiss put out since revenge Ace plays guitar ,bass and vocals on his new cd truly a pure solo cd gene & paul keep trying to trash Ace but he is sober and better than ever last 2 cds put out by kiss sucked so now gene & paul have to go back to their best selling album love gun from 1977 by all 4 original members ( ACE , PETER , GENE & PAUL ) to remaster it for a new release because they will never release a good album without the 4 original members ARE YOU LISTENING PAUL & GENE LOSE YOUR EGO & DO IT FOR YOUR TRUE FANS

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