I know I typed this a few weeks ago but still getting asked almost daily (thanks for caring!) about new episodes of That Metal Show. VH1 Classic repeats the heck out of them but there have been no new shows since April. The network decided to put the show on hiatus until 2015 but there is now a firm plan for the shows return. We will once again be shooting from NYC and like last season be doing shows on a weekly basis. Meaning when a show premieres it will only be a few days old. No gang shooting like we did for a long time. The premiere date for the season debut is 2/14/15. Still way too early to talk about guests or audience tickets but as always I will post here when I have that info. All the things you guys ask for are the same things I want; HD, live performance, DVD, Itunes, etc, but I have no control over any of it. All 100% up to VH1 who makes all the calls. I wish we did the show on a more regular basis but again that is not my call. Everything comes down to the network and what they want to invest in with the channel. The good news is we will be back! Thanks for all the patience and support and more when I know.

All new podcast tomorrow! The Aerosmith theme continues! Last week was Joe Perry, this week drummer Joey Kramer. The interview was recorded backstage at the bands recent NJ show. Joey talks about his recent heart scare, his line of coffee, and of course the band. Subscribe and download free on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com

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  • Joe Pensanti on

    For Valentine’s Day all I want is new TMS!

  • Lee on

    As I said weeks ago, Rudd was getting the same loot as before with Malcom gone. He said F this S. AC/DC p.r. in high gear.

  • Rockmonster on

    Eddie, does VH1 Classic own “That Metal Show” ? Did you sign something saying that you could not pitch the show to another network ?

    Please advise.


    Buffalo, N.Y.

  • George on

    That’s a good question rock monster I wondered that myself I allways thought that vh1 classic didn’t own that metal show but just the rerun rights but I could be wrong.

    Maybe eddie could elaborate more on what vh1 classic does own regarding the show but that might be private something that could not be shared at all.

    What other channel could TMS go to you look at all the cable channels MTV could be a option but a far option at best maybe TBS or Spike or FX or FXX those channels do air stuff that’s for adults so those could be options.

  • Steve on

    Hello Eddie, I have truly enjoyed all the episodes
    Of: That Metal Show. I can only hope and truly enjoy
    Watching the show, my wife has been recently
    Been enjoying the show. V-H1 Classic would do a favor
    To fans everywhere if they would continue to brodcast
    The show on the normal scheduled times. I’m SERIOUS when
    I say: That Metal Show is the only show that I
    Have watched on the channel. Don’t spoil it!!

    • Eddie on

      Thanks but I have nothing to do with the schedule. If you have a DVR set it to record all. New shows 2/14/15

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