paulstanley400 In speaking with with KNPR News, KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley was asked why he declined to perform with fellow original KISS members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley at the band’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction in April. His answer has been transcribed by and can be read below.

Stanley said, It’s a tough question to answer, but there’s so much involved in it. Firstly, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame wanted nothing to do with us; they begrudgingly let us in. And my sense was that we were going to be a dog-and-pony show. They wanted to have the original guys play in the band, and all of us in makeup, and, quite honestly, I think it would have done the band a disservice. That lineup has not been together for 14 years, and physically, perhaps, wouldn’t have looked that great, and musically, undoubtedly, probably, would have sounded a bit suspect. So, to have people watch it on television and identify that as KISS because there’s four guys in makeup would not send a great signal to the people who are not following the band in its current permutation, or what it is today.”

He continued, “Look, we just did 42 shows and played to 600,000 people in America, and I would hate for those people to turn on a TV show where we were an unwanted guest in the first place and see us strong-armed into doing something that really does a disservice to something that I worked at for 40 years. I never quit the band twice, once, and to dilute what I’ve worked on all these years just to make a committee happy that really was not all that thrilled that we were there in the first place, it sent the wrong message and it endangered something that I hold very dear to me.”

KISS begins their three week Las Vegas residency, Kiss Rocks Vegas, at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino today (November 5th).

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  1. If you dare say anything against Gene or Paul their fans will hate on you. I seen real bands like Korn and Slipknot last night. Now that’s an insane show the whole arena jumping up and down from front to back. Sure them 2 bands are twenty some years younger. Some of you will say them two bands are nu metal garbage. I’d rather get my money’s worth then seeing some has beens who are out of touch. So go ahead Paul and Gene defenders bash me for liking newer bands.

  2. Hey people! we all need to accept that Paul can’t sing anymore.He got all the right to make tours and whatever he wants,what i Just Know,I just know is that he can’t tell that kiss is the hottest band in the world when Gene looks bored on the stage,Tommy looks awfull trying to make even the drunk moves from Ace and Paul can barely talk between the songs like the golden years.What is really wrong is to say that peter can’t do it couse his old,get older is someting,had health problems is other thing and Paul was cruel with peter.
    But how is paul now not only with age issues(normal couse his live) but almost without voice,and still saying he is the guy,when his not,not anymore.
    I used to feel sorry for Paul but now i’m almost feeling hate,he’s looking worst than Gene.
    I dont know if Ace gonna kick ass whit his tour but i will pay to see him,he dont hide his troubles,maybe hes the only real deal in that band that once i adore.Plus i dont hate tommy thayer but hes just copying Ace,even the drunk moves,so why dont call him back if is to make HIS MOVES and liks!
    No i dont want to see him back,i think its gonna be bad for him.Get out Paul before the bitter end.

  3. Here Paul and Gene say Peter and Ace can’t play…..course that is THEIR VERSION but just watching some of these shows from Las Vegas and the Summer Tour it is embarrassing to say that it is Paul and Gene themselves that look spent. Paul’s voice just aweful. He seems to be struggling just to get clean lyrics out

    1. Aw, say it ain’t so Joe! How do you personally benefit if Paul ends KISS because you and a few malcontents demand he hangs it up because you think he can’t sing anymore? How is your life better off? The last three times I’ve seen KISS within the last few years Paul has sung fine. The shows were awesome. I was surprised when Tommy sang “Shock Me,” but I’m okay with it. As long as KISS keeps playing shows, I will go see them. Contrary to your opinion, Paul, Gene, Eric, and Tommy deliver live.

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