paulstanley400 KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently spoke with Robert Scott of New Zealand’s The Breeze. The interview appears below and the text was transcribed by,

When asked what the craziest rumor he ever heard about himself was, Stanley replied,”Well, the oddest, to me, was always — and it’s always persisted over time — is that I’m gay. And it’s an interesting thing, because if I were, I’d be proud to be whatever I am. As long as you’re a good person, sexual orientation and stuff like that is totally irrelevant. But, that being said, besides having four children, honestly, I never saw a guy where I said, ‘Gee, that’s a close second to a woman.’ Honestly, I never looked and said, ‘You know, if I can’t have that girl over there, I’m taking the bloke,’ you know what I mean? So that’s always been really interesting — that some people can’t find a way to take my comfort with sexuality to misreading it as something it’s not. But, that being said, I more scratch my head at that. So that’s always been something that was, and is, persistent. And I just kind of go, ‘Well, the boys may not understand, but the women always did.’ They got it in more ways than one.”

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  • Edward Black on

    I don’t care if he’s gay or not. My problem with him is that he’s such a b-tch.

  • Kliff Ritz on

    With no disrespect or sarcasm, I believe Paul Stanley may be a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Sort of like Prince. Very feminine men who prefer women. There is such a thing.

    • elliot goldberg on

      i think paul was trapped in a car once when he was drunk. that doesn’t make him a prince.

  • jeffrey heffernan on

    my take on its who caresl,i,can care less who the guys sleeps with,i never did,back in the 70s it was (if you were a rock star esp)cool to be a bi sexual being or at least act like you were,then in the 80s when the aids thing broke big,gay folks were like nope not me im not gay,then fast foward to now,and people really dont care either way,its an excepted life style these days,so why is anyone even talking about this now????i just wish the guy could sing again,i could care less if he likes to pitch or catch lmfao

  • J J on

    I’m not hear to defend or bash Paul. So, as a long time KISS fan, I never have heard of any men stepping up and stating he’s been with Paul in any type of relation, however, Paul does give a slight gay vibe. Maybe one day all will be revealed, but as of today he’s lived a life that many could only dream about. Got to admire the fact, somehow, KISS has managed to keep their name relevant for all these years. At the end of the day, to me, it’s all about music, so I could care less of his personal preference.

  • elliot goldberg on

    so he’s a happy guy. let him be happy. I’m still not buying animalize, crazy nights or monster on cd.

    • Doug R. on

      I just seen a story at that Paul and his wife Erin are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, of course he’s happy! Here’s to Paul & Erin, cheers! 🙂

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