KISS400 Andy Greene of Rolling Stone reports:

The nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2014 are in, and the list includes Nirvana, KISS, the Replacements and Hall and Oates. The rest of this year’s hopefuls include the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, LL Cool J, N.W.A, Link Wray, the Meters, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Yes and the Zombies. The top vote-getters will be inducted in April at a ceremony in New York City.

For the second consecutive year, the public gets to vote alongside the artists, historians and music industry insiders of the Rock Hall voting body. From now until December 10th, fans can vote on for the nominees they’d like to see inducted. The top five acts will comprise a “fan’s ballot” that will count as one of the more than 600 ballots that determine the Class of 2014.

In order to be eligible for this year’s ballot, artists or bands need to have released their first single or album in 1988 or earlier. Many of the nominees have appeared on previous ballots, but this is the first appearance for Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, the Replacements, Linda Ronstadt, Link Wray, Cat Stevens, Yes and the Zombies. (Gabriel was inducted as a member of Genesis in 2009.)

Nirvana is the only act this year to land on the ballot in its first year of eligibility. Their cover of Love Buzz by Shocking Blue was their first single, hitting stores in late 1988.

If Yes are inducted, it might lead to their first performance with original singer Jon Anderson since 2004. “I don’t have any anger about our exclusion,” Yes bassist Chris Squire told Rolling Stone in 2011. “But it would be a magnificent thing if they would include every member of Yes – I think there’s about 19 or 20 of us.”


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  • Dave Rogers on

    KISS Should have already been in.Nirvana? Come on gimme a break.

  • Doug on

    I voted for KISS, Hall and Oates, Yes, Nirvana and Deep Purple. Like any entry to a “hall of fame,” to me, and to use sports analogies, one has to have 1) statistics (album sales, charting), 2) championships/rings (music awards, achievements) and 3) longevity. Nirvana does not have the latter, but they were game changers. Linda Ronstadt is certainly deserving too. BTW, “Stu” above compilies a tremendous list of artists who absolutely should be in their!

  • Brandon on

    *sigh* Here we go again. Kiss, DP, and Yes are definitely deserving. I respect Grohl tremendously, but always considered Nirvana and Corbain overrated and really did not appreciate how Kurt was regarded by the press as some sort of deity after his death, particularly given the method of departure. Regardless, I’m sure the big N will get in and I’ll be pleased for Grohl if they do. I just hope that some of the bands a bit more deserving also find their way in as Rush did last year. And I’ll plus 1 all the comments about the rap artists not really being R&R. I like LL, Run DMC, Public Enemy, and Newcleus (Jam On It, anyone?) but not as rock artists because they’re simply not. I’ll even give Hall & Oates a reluctant nod of approval. Though I consider H&O more pop than rock, there was some real musicality to what they created. They’ll always have my respect. It’s unfortunate that Kiss gets overlooked musically. They were and are unapologetic entertainers and took full advantage of showmanship with huge help from Aucoin, Bogart, Delaney, and co., but there were some really cool things that happened musically if you listen with your ears instead of your eyes or actually sit and learn to play some of their material. R&R All Night, Do You Love Me?, Lick It Up, and their kin are yawn fests, but that doesn’t mean other songs are lacking.

  • ZAR on

    Clevelander here and even I can’t agree with some of the member that are in the Hall. There are some serious bands/musicians that are not inducted that are long over-do…(KISS,Deep Purple) and yet we get “pop” acts like Madonna and “Rap” acts that make it in before these deserving bands…

  • Mac on

    I vote for DP, Kiss, Nirvana, H & O, and Yes. Easy vote for me, and should be for others.

    • Gary on

      Linda Rondstadt was ok but she did noyhing but cover songs. still where the hell are J Priest, Maiden,Ted Nugent,Motley Crue,Thin Lizzy & Stevie Ray Vaughan. the crock hall it is

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